August 06, 2008

And I'm back from the continent!

I'm still a little tired, so this is more of a teaser post than a proper one. My last fling around Europe was absolutely amazing, and I adored every moment of it. But perhaps the most beauty-relevant visit I made was to Beauty Heaven *cue Ode to Joy*
Yes ladies, for the first time in my life, I visited Sephora. And not just ANY Sephora. Sephora on the Champs Elysée, Paris. (For those of you who live with Sephora in your backyards, I hate you already).

But honestly this place really is a beauty junky's idea of Paradise. Or it would be, if everything in it was free. *sighs*
From the impressive red carpet leading from the entrance, to a veritable Valhalla hall of wonders, Sephora is dazzling! And get this, their opening hours are from 10am - 2am. Yes. TWO am. So a midnight lipgloss emergency is not a problem ladies.
And even more tempting, the night I was there, Sephora had a 20% discount on all Sephora branded products. I picked up a very travel-friendly, flat, portable, and plastic (very important) eyelash curler, a makeup eraser pen, and a mattifying powder.

The image below is just for ONE of the Sephora-brand eye-makeup counters. Face, cheeks, skincare.. all of them have their own counters much like this.
But my true sin, lies in the Cargo haul I found myself utterly unable to resist. My justification was as follows: No Cargo in UK or Malaysia; the Blu Ray collection is great in photos - next year I'm a bridesmaid in two (yes, two) weddings; the products are great on oily skin; the entire collection has rave online reviews. So....yes, I confess. I bought the Sephora Blu Ray Set - at €60 for all 5 pieces it was too good to resist. I can't wait to review it!
Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, and Au Revoir for now ladies!


cheeeezie said...

HOLY CRAP. 2am?!! definitely the answer for insomniac makeup junkies!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. i dream of stepping into Sephora one day myself :) i can't wait!

Askmewhats said...

welcome back!!! the Sephora photo made my heart jumps a bit! :)

kahani said...

cheezie: It really is rather awe-inspiring if you're a beauty junkie. Slightly terrifying and a total culture shock if you're not!

Askmewhats: Glad to be back girl! Lol... we're all a wee bit nuts over Sephora aren't we. WHEN are they coming to South East Asia? When oh when?