August 03, 2008

Travel Beauty 5: The Nails

It may not seem likely that I will have much time to paint my nails as I hop around Europe on a frenzied schedule, but think about all the incredibly long train journeys I will go through!

Painting my nails would actually be a rather therapeautic past time if I can find a way to fit the bottles of nailpolish into my liquid allowance (I haven't decided yet at this point, and I leave at midnight tonight!).

Well, just in case I can't bring my polish along, I've taken the precaution of giving myself a very natural manicure that won't show up the chips badly.

L'Oreal's Jet Set Diamant in shade 106 is that perfect My-Nails-But-Better shade we all hunt for. It's a cool pink that doesn't wash out and make my nails look anaemic, and makes my whites look whiter to boot. Two coats and my nails almost look like they're sporting a French Mani!

It's filled with fine, iridescent silver shimmer which helps disguise lousy application, chips, or scratches while making my fingernails mesmerising in the sunlight. All in all, it's a very pretty shade.

The polish itself is definitely Jet-Set and goofproof in application. Plus unlike many fast-drying polishes it doesn't chip that easily and can last over a week without a top-coat. With top coats I've made it stretch to almost 2 weeks before it starts to look really battered. Well wish me luck in getting at least this bottle through security!


Askmewhats said...

hey girl!!! love love love it! I love nail polishes and I would say this color looks so feminine and cute!

kahani said...

OOh so glad to hear you do! Hope you can find the colour for yourself. The more I use it the more I love it.

I managed to squeeze it into my liquids bag btw. ; )