August 20, 2008

At last! Silk Naturals hears my cry for oil control: SN Foundation in Heavy & Tinted Oil Control Primer

Karen, the founder and genius behind Silk Naturals, is truly a beauty-addict's fairy-godmother. Hearing the cries of her loyal fans for a foundation with heavier coverage and better oil control, she not only rewards us with a foundation that answers all of the above, but also with an oil control primer!

Read on for the reviews on her Heavy Coverage foundation in Buttery Gold, and Tinted Oil Primer

Heavy Coverage Foundation in Buttery Gold
I have a large collection of mineral foundations by now. And I find myself reaching for this one more than any of the others of late. Although it doesn't provide as full a coverage as J.Lynne's offering or L'oreal's, I find the finish to be very natural. Not too shiny or matte. Plus it seems to stave off the oilies well-enough even in the hot and humid Malaysian climate.

I use it over GloMinerals Concealer (review coming soon), and in combination they make my blemished skin look perfect. I find the foundation to be long-lasting too. And of course with the blend-your-own system you can customise it to suit your skintone exactly.

If you have been using SN's foundation in original though, you should read this and take note that the ratio for colour to white base will be different.

The starter kit retails for US$11.95 and the samples are currently discounted!

Tinted Oil Control Primer

I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with the image on the SN website. The tinted primer is certainly not GREEN! Instead it's a neutral flesh-toned shade that applies sheerly and looks great as a finishing powder - really blurring out imperfections. On good days I even use it instead of foundation.

I use it more as a finishing powder than primer as I already use OC8. Although quite frankly, OC8 isn't holding up too well in the Malaysian weather. I find the primer makes a huge difference, and often use it as a blotting powder during the day.

As the primer is tinted it doesn't lighten the colour of my foundation or make it look ashen making it perfect as a finishing powder. Paler girls (I'm light-medium) may find it too dark for them.

I bought a sample for $0.99 and immediately ordered the full-sized one for $8.95! I love it that much!


Tine said...

I have the untinted oil control primer, and I LOVE it. Controls the oil on my T-zone well :)

AskMeWhats said...

interesting! I have been checking in and out of the SN website..for a couple of weeks now!! I don't want to get myself addicted to MMU!!! But you are not helping at all!! accckk!!!

Kahani said...

Tine: *high fives*

Nikki: Lol why not get addicted to MMU? I suspect we'll all live longer if we use it more. =P

Anonymous said...

Hi Kahani

I know what you mean. The primer and heavy foundation are absolutely fanstatic!!! and The make goddess (karen) does listen to her customers. I ask her if she could dupe bourjois nude lip gloss brun poet and she did!!!!!

Silknaturals are the best make up around as far as I'm concerned.

Kahani said...

Ghost: Yes, this sort of customer responsiveness is unheard of anywhere else! Here's hoping she'll clone BB's Mauve palette for fall. =)

I think she has some of the colours already blush and eye-shadow wise. But she'll have to compare.