August 29, 2008

Favourite Things: Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner

Here's yet another product I love that's not available in Malaysia. Although I certainly hope the line will some day make the hop over. Prestige is renowned for combining quality with affordability and this eyeliner certainly proves it.

Any gal with small eyes and oily skin will understand the angst I have experienced in my quest for perfect eyeliner. Without it, the eyes disappear, with it, it migrates everywhere. And yet is remarkably hard to remove from the eye at night. Well, at last I've found my HG eyeliner, thank goodness I stocked up!

Read on for the full review.

This is one of the most important things to me, and so far this eyeliner has won hands down. It's trashed ALL the Bourjois eyeliners, W7 gel eyeliner, Revlon colorstay pencil & liquid eyeliner, and even SN's long-last cream eyeliner. It STAYS PUT. Hoorah!

At most I will have to tidy up a little after a long day. But that's it.
This too is exceptional. Most longlast eyeliners tend to be hard with less colour pay off. I figured that to be the price I paid. However, these are soft, blendable, and have intense colour payoff. The fact that they're automatic and need no sharpening is also a bonus. The nibs are just right. Not too sharp, not too blunt.

I purchased my staple colour black, of course, and its absolutely wonderful. A lovely sooty, khol-black. REALLY black, not blueish, not brownish but a soft dark black.

And as there as a 3 for 2 offer I went out on a limb and gave Smokey Green a try and was completely blown away! It doesn't look green, being a dark browney olive green shade. However it appears to define and line my eyes without looking as boring as brown. I find it also really brings out the colour of my eyeshadow when I use purples, taupes, or browns. Great for when I feel black eyeliner is too harsh, even for me. Now I'm terrified I'll run out of it, and I'd love to try the rest of the shades. *sighs*

I'm totally and absolutely in love with these liners with an unswerving devotion. I hope by the time I run out that I'll either have stocked up on more, or Prestige will have arrived in Asia. *crosses fingers, toes, and eyelashes*.

I'm terribly sorry but I cannot locate it on the Boots site, although I know its available there. I'm also very sure that the eyeliners cost under £5. If anyone can confirm it for me, that would be brilliant.


Engmin said...

It costs £4.49 in Boots if I'm not mistaken. Cheers!

kahani said...

Yay! Thanks Eng Min. It was shoddy journalism on my part not to have taken note! =)

Anonymous said...

I love these Prestige waterproof automatic eyeliner pencils. You have to make sure you get the right product because there are a whole line of Prestige eye pencils. Get the waterproof automatic pencil if you are looking for all day retention.

I think I paid $5 for each (at Walgrens) and it is definitely worth a try!

kahani said...

Hi Molly (anonymous), thanks for commenting and I['m so glad these eyeliners are working out for you! =)