August 30, 2008

Guest writer: Andrea's makeup storage solution

When one of our favourite readers, Andrea, mentioned her incredibly affordable and brilliant solution to her makeup storage issues, we had to know more. So she graciously wrote in, complete with glorious images (We love how pretty it all looks when so neatly organised, and I'm so drooling over her cosmetic collection!) to share with us her organization ideas.

Andrea writes:

I've been looking for a way to store my make-up neatly for as long as I can remember. I usually keep most of it in a pink tidy basket on my shelf with the rest which doesn't fit in the basket hidden in various make-up bags in various places! and the rest stored around the edges! I am so clumsy so I was FOREVER knocking things on the shelf leading to an avalanche of products flying everywhere!

So while i was passing time looking round Home Bargains yesterday I saw a clear three tiered Daler Rowney Artists carry box (size W33cm D17cm H16cm) with a nice little carry handle on top! - Perfect!! I almost hyperventilated and RAN to the checkout! Then the best news of all it was £2.59!!! Bargain, right!!

All the others I've seen have been more than treble this!

I practically ran to the car to get home and organize! I was so pleased with this I ended up driving all the way back down to Home Bargains an hour later to get another two before they shut! (And sold out!!!!)

So now i have all my lip glosses, lipsticks & balms etc in the first one.

My eye make-up in the second.

And my face make-up in the third!

I have to say I am considering getting another to store my face products!! He he...

They have a big name sticker on the front of the box but I'm going to remove that, and the clasp I'm going to decorate it somehow to cover the logo.

I checked if this was sold online and how much they are - The cheapest i can find is £8!

I'm still so excited I found this!! It made my day!

Needing to know more about this wonderful place, I asked her about Home Bargains in London:

Home Bargains i think is mainly located in the north, the one i go to is actually the warehouse where all the products get sent from so they obviously have the stock before the other stores. It is a really good place if you ever happen to come upon one lol everything is really cheap, and they get all kinds of different well known brands aswell - This is also where i get my batiste from for £1.50!

Thanks so much for sharing, Andrea!


Andrea said...

I forgot to add - here's a link to the home bargains website. It tells you a little more about it!

MisSmall said...

This is a great idea for makeup storage! And for £3?! It's a steal!

It looks a bit like my boyfriend's toolbox (non-transparent), but I'm sure with a bit of touch up, it can be really really girly. So, great stuff! :)