August 08, 2008

Review: New Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush

I have expressed my love and addiction to Batiste Dry Shampoo before, so imagine my excitement when they released a new fragrance in an even cuter PINK tin.

Personally I find the fragrance just a little too strong and candy-like for me, but for those who loathe the lemon scent of the original *cough-syen-cough* and the pineapple pina-colada scent of Tropical, Blush may just be the answer.

Full review and description of the scent (and where to buy) here.


Andrea said...

I LOVE Batiste! I use it all the time! even to give my hair more body, and i love that it's only £1.99. I went nuts a few weeks ago when i ran out of it and NO shops had it stocked for at least another week! (I think it was when they were doing the whole redesign of the tin)
I agree with you about the blush though - i think it's really overpowering - i much prefer the coconut smell of the tropical or the original.
I LOVE it! lol

kahani said...

I'm rather distressed that when I relocate to M'sia where my hair will need dry shampoo MORE THAN EVER that I may not be able to find this stuff! Until I came to the UK I'd never heard of it.

Andrea said...

Oh no! I really couldn't go on without it!
You will have to pack a million bottles to take!!
just make sure they're not from my shops!! haha

kahani said...

LOl I would. Believe me, I would. BUT too many aerosol cans and the airport gets worried they'll all exploede under the change of pressure. >_<

Alethea said...

This sounds so nice-I love the other's but it's nice to try out a new fragrence once in a while. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention ladies :-)

kahani said...

You're absolutely welcome, Alethea! Hope you like the fragrance. It's actually pretty nice, just a bit strong. =)