May 03, 2008

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Since I left for Europe, I've been letting my hair grow, and grow and grow. It's just more affordable than paying £30 for a haircut. In general, my hair causes me no problems. It's fine, naturally straight and very well behaved.

So what's the catch? Well, my hair has grown SO long (it's waist length) that it's developed different climatic regions. My roots are greasy and my ends are dry. If I don't wash my hair everyday (something I actually love to do), my roots grease up and my hair loses volume. If I do, my ends get frizzy and start threatening to split. What is a girl to do?

Thank God for the English's girl's secret weapon - Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.09). This is basically an oil absorbing, deodourising powder in an aerosol. You spray it on your hair around the roots (turning yourself temporarily grey / white) and work it in with your fingers. After leaving it a bit to bind to the grease and oils on my scalp and hair I then brush it out.

It does take quite a lot of brushing to make sure there's no grey left, and to get my hair shiny again. But it's faster than blowdrying, and the results are utterly worth it. Volume, clean fluffy hair, and no grease. This lets me go a day or two without washing, and my hair ends are thanking me for it. 

Update: I still have no idea if this is obtainable in Malaysia, try Sephora!


jess said...

Hi Kahani..! Love ur blog and good thing i stumbled on this post..I have similar problems like urs..different climates at different lengths! Anywhere else u reckon they have batiste? I'm from m'sia btw..

yensiew said...

halo。。。where can i buy batiste dry shampoo in malaysia butterworth?

Kahani said...

Jess and Yensiew,

Really sorry but I can't think of any place in Malaysia that sells Batiste. For a local option, check out Comfy Care.