September 23, 2008

Guest Review: SkinCeuticals Eye Renewing Gel

Hey girls, I'll take the chance to apologise for not blogging of late. This job I have is killing me. I've typed so much today I'm developing CPT in my left wrist. And I'm even now, typing with my eyes closed. Things should ease up in a few weeks, but for now it's rather tough going. I'll try to keep posting about once or twice a week though. Yay for Syen!

Anyway, here's another great review by the intrepid Australian explorer, Eli. The way I'm working now, I'll probably need this miracle eye gel myself soon!

I am 22 with the eyes of a 60 year old.

Dark eye circles run amok in my dad’s family. He has them, his siblings have them – even my 10 year old cousin has them. The fact that I suffer from insomnia just makes my panda eyes worse.

I had grown resigned to the dark circles until I looked in the mirror a few months ago and realised that I had wrinkles under my eyes. Not fine lines, mind you, but deep set wrinkles. My dark circles had kept me from noticing them earlier.

I freaked out right there and then. After much deliberation on MUA, I ended up ordering this from Strawberrynet.

And it works.

The label on the bottle says that this Eye Renewal Gel is a “night time line-minimising treatment for the eye area.” It works by exfoliating the eye area to smooth out the lines and the active ingredient in this is either 5% BHA or a 5% blend of AHA and BHA – I tossed out the leaflet so I am relying on my memory here.

The product is described as a gel but it is more of a liquid than anything else. It comes packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper, making it easy to control how much of the product one wishes to use. I find a drop more than enough for both eyes and it is quite easy to apply.

I love this stuff. Within 2 weeks, the faint lines had disappeared. A few months later, the deep lines are slowly fading out. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the lines will be mostly gone by Christmas.

It also lifted my dark circles a little but not by very much.

A bottle lasts for ages since you only need to use a drop a day. Some MUA-ers use this during the day time as well but I don’t want to overdo it. Also, this is not a moisturiser so you might have to use a moisturiser on top of this. I don’t really bother using an eye moisturiser on top – the liquid takes about 10-20 minutes to dry – but I do dab on moisturiser in the morning because I dry out if I don’t.

I didn’t experience any stinging with this product but I read some complaints on MUA about it. This may not be for you if your skin is especially sensitive.

Grouses about this product? I wish that the bottle wasn’t made of glass. I quite like the little dropper but I keep worrying that it will break while travelling. Oh, and it stings if you get it into your eye by accident. I nearly pawed my eye out when it happened.

I picked this up from Strawberrynet for AUD 26 but the price has gone up now to US 34 ~ AUD 33.50. It sells out quite quickly on Strawberrynet but they restock this item every 2 weeks or so, its just a matter of waiting.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have read yr review on Skinceuticals Eye Gel as I am interested too to find an eye treatment that wld help lessen the 'signs of aging' (darks and lines) around the eyes. How effective is the SkinCeuticals so far?.. Would you recommend it, and what problm do you think it tackles more to: fine lines or the dark circles. The formula sounds a bit strong? Also can u recommend any other eye treatments? Would love to hear your comment! Tq :)

Eli said...

Hey Mera! Personally, I didn't find SkinCeuticals very strong. I think it's aimed towards fine lines rather than dark circles but it did help to lighten mine up a little.

I haven't found a blog-worthy eye treatment yet so I can't recommend anything for now but if you don't have much of a problem with lines or dark circles, then maybe you should try a night time treatment with vit C for prevention? Just don't forget that vit c treatments can make your skin photosentisitive so use some sunscreen in the a.m.!