September 23, 2008

Bobbi's Sweet Nectar

Sorry girls. It seems that the last few posts have either been on blushers or lotions, and this happily joins the ranks of those in the first category. Obviously.

And so today I shall pay homage to one of Bobbi Brown's blushers in her staple collection - Nectar.

Bobbi's products are never garish. They never make a statement. They're never loud. They never scream for attention. They're always subtle. Always consistent.

Some might even have the audacity to say they're a little blah, or boring, if you will.

But they have a kind of magic that charms its way around your little head. They never let you forget.

I should know. The first time my cheeks had the honour of wearing this blush was four years ago. And it's haunted me ever since. And so, four years after I first tried Nectar in a makeover, its finally charmed its way into my makeup collection. Just don't ask me how.

It's a coral-pink shade that looks more pink than coral in the photo, but believe me, there's coral in there too. Really.

It's got all that fresh-faced pop with none of the shimmer. It doesn't need shimmer. It's got oomph all on its own. It's very finely milled and just like all Bobbi blushers, pigment is never an issue.

Dust it on for less-makeup days to perk your complexion up. Just be careful with application or risk ending up with Bono-the-clown cheeks. Add a little gloss, or tinted lipbalm (my preference), and you're ready to run.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So I guess I'll let the picture do the rest of the talking.

(Apologies for the slightly poor quality, this was taken with a camera phone after the BB makeover.)

And oh, you'll need to fork out RM80 for a 3.7gm pan.

Bobbi doesn't let you forget that, either.


Askmewhats said...

*Screams* I LOVE IT!!!! WOW! that is a healthy glow!! I HEART!!! SO pretty!!! Use this often!!!!

kahani said...

Whoa darling, this post is AMAZING. Love love love the pics. =)

parisb said...

Great review! How do the square pans compare to the older round ones? Or is it just a change in shape? You look gorgeous btw :)

Tine said...

Oh my, what a lovely flush on the cheeks! Tempting tempting :p

Syen said...

Nikki: Thank you dearie! Yeah, love it very much. You can imagine, I'd adore it since I only got it after lemming for SO LONG!

Kahani: Awww.. thanks sweetie! *beams* (Yay, this one's got the Kahani-stamp-of-approval, like Sirim-stamp. LOL)

Paris: Hey babes. Thanks! I really can't compare to the older round pans as I've never had a round one. But I do believe they're the same, colour wise. And oh, I would say these are much more convenient and compact, compared to those twist caps. And I like the idea that I can pop it out and in to one of their new personalised palettes? Pretty great. =)

Tine: So glad you're back dearie! More shopping, Tine? LOL.