September 08, 2008

Review: Benefit F.Y. Eye Primer

If you're like me, you'll know that there's a tragic side to having double eyelids.

It's called oil. And it has a fondness for screwing up beautifully-applied eyeshadows, and liners and everything else. Your eyeshadow which was just painstakingly applied a few hours earlier? Gone. It's all muddled up into a miserable looking crease.

It certainly doesn't help when MAs actually tell you (like during this makeover when I wasn't wearing any eye-makeup), "Dah-ling, you really need something for your OILY lids!"

Yea, Mr, I know. For your information (F.Y.I, geddit? *grin*), my hero's called F.Y. Eye.

Benefit says:
"The eye primer to prevent greasy, creasy eye lids! Stop eye shadow sliding with this apricot souffle primer. It locks on shadows and leaves a smooth satin finish so you look perfectly put together all day."

Benefit products, I find are sometimes kind of a hit or a miss. But this one's definitely a big hit- in my books, at least. I found this little pot of magic souffle on MUA, and it's been my oily lids' best friend for err... almost two years now, I think.

F.Y. Eye comes in a 7gm pot, with a souffle, or mousse, texture that's easy to apply. It does make eyeshadow and liner stay put for hours and hours, and even if there is a crease, it's very minimal.

Colourwise, it's pretty much skin colour (like in the picture, but more peachy/orangey). However, don't worry about the primer turning your lids into a bright orange colour. Applied properly, it blends out into a nude shade and your lids won't even look like you've got anything on!

I like using my ring finger to pick up a bit of product (be careful not to pick up too much, but not too little either!), and rubbing it between my fingers for a short while to sort of smooth the product out. This also warms the primer to go on the lids better. Which is pretty important, or eyeshadow will end up looking cakey otherwise. And that would totally defeat the purpose of the primer to begin with, wouldn't it?

Price wise, I find it on the high side at RM95, but I've been using the same pot for almost two years, and I still have 3/4 of the pot left! There's a logo at the bottom which says to toss the product in 6 months, but there's no weird scent, and it still looks good so, oh well...

To conclude, I do love it. It keeps my lids happy. But I don't know if I would buy another pot as I'm always itching to try new stuff.

Just, you know, FYI.


AskMeWhats said...

oohhh we're the same, I like using my finger to apply concealer rather than brush :) and I am always itching to try on new products too! *high five*

Anonymous said...

I find it very very hard to throw away products that I deem to still be good, no chg in colour, no smell even after 2 yrs even when it says I should have chged it like 3 mths after first use. Lol! I thk its sometimes just a gimmick so that you buy more of their stuff. They put hell a lot of preservatives in it anyway.

Kahani said...

I was just staring in dismay at my disappearing eyeshadow and thinking, "Hmm.. now I'm back in M'sia I need a primer. Must ask Syen about her FY..Eye" When Hey presto! Our weird beauty mind meld clearly kicks in again.

Syen said...

Nikki: *high fives back!* Although, I must say it really depends on the product. Some are just impossible to get right with my fingers. LOL.

Dorphine: I knoooow! Sometimes I wonder if it'll really kill me if I use the stuff for a lot longer than I should. But heck, it still looks so good! I agree with you. Apart from saving their own back by putting an expiry date, I'm sure there's a marketing ploy somewhere in there too. Hehe.

Kahani: LOL. Yea babes, we've got telepathic connection! =P

Olive Poppy said...

I hate my oily lids! :(

Any idea how this fair against Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance everyone is raving about?

Syen said...

MisMall: Awww.. don't hate your lids! But I know what you mean.

Sorry, I can't help you with a comparison to the other two much-raved about eye primers, as I have never had the chance to use them. But I will update if I do!

Can anyone else make a comparison? Would love to hear your views.