August 18, 2008

Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence Autumn 2008

Over the last few weeks, I've been seeing some photos which have really gotten me twitching. (I mean, just look at it!)

I have a slight love affair with Estee Lauder, I'll happily admit it. Estee brings back fond memories of me as a little girl, watching mommy pretty herself up for dinners, with her Beautiful perfume scent wafting through the air as she did. And getting free Estee lipsticks in my teenage years could only make me like Estee even more.

Bearing all that in mind, their latest offering for fall - Chocolate Decadence - has left me utterly drooling. I HAD to have it. I mean, look at it! (It reaaally doesn't help that I love chocolates too, by the way.)

And so when I arranged to meet a friend in KLCC a few days back, I had to rush over to the Estee counter in Isetan to have a look (just a note, Parkson is not carrying this collection). And lo' and behold, I was sold.

The rich lipsticks, the swirly glosses, and the beautiful Creme Caramel shimmer powder. But what really had me at "Hello" was the absolutely loverly eyeshadow quads. The quads come in Caramel Truffle (a warm, brown palette), and Berry Truffle (a cool, purpley palette).

An eye-makeover a few minutes later with Caramel Truffle, and I had to take this RM120 quad home. Because it had my name printed on it. (The nice people at Estee Lauder are doing free full face makeovers, but as I was in a bit of a rush, I only wanted to try out the palettes!)

The MA first applied the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadowstick (I think it was in Gold Pearl) as a base, and then applied the eyeshadows on. He added some dark-brown eyeliner to open my eyes. It was beautiful. Many hours later, it was still on and intact. Fantastic.

If I did have a complain, it'd be the same one that Paris B (from My Women Stuff) has. The gorgeous swirls on the eyeshadow are only on the surface. So when they're gone, they're gone! Boo, indeed.

So girls, rush yourselves to the Estee and play around with these Chocolate beauties! According to Paris, they should be giving free makeovers until Aug 21.

As for me, I can stop twitching now that I have Caramel Truffle safely tucked into my vanity bag. Nevermind that I have a million other brown shadows. There will always, always be space for just one more.

Don't you agree?


parisb said...

Lucky you to be able to wear this! It is pretty no? The berry one actually called my name a few times before I told it to shut up LOL... :)

MisSmall said...

Tried them when I went by Estee Lauder to pick up my foundation. Personally I prefer the caramel over the berry too, but somehow, warm colours look a lil weird on me. :/

Syen said...

Paris: Hahahaha.. It IS very pretty! Unfortunately, unlike you (or Kahani), I can't really call upon Will Powers to save me at times, and tell the palette to shut up! LOL.

Missmall: Aww.. sorry to hear the Caramel palette didn't really work out for you. As for me, warm colours are usually fine on me. But I have to be a wee bit careful with the cool colours. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! =)

YZ said...

This is indeed a lovely collection :) And I see from the left sidebar that kahani is back in Malaysia? What a wonderful reunion! Although I'm no beauty blogger, I would LOVE to meet up with you guys someday, just to share our love of cosmetics ;D

kahani said...

Hi YZ, yes I just got back to Malaysia, and as am yet uncertain where my future will lead me. It was lovely meeting up with Syen again after all this time. =)

All the travelling and packing has left me utterly exhausted though - hence the lack of posts. But I'm slowly getting back on track.

Meeting up would be great. The Malaysian beauty bloggers should organise something. I always feel so left out of the loop when the US bloggers have a meetup!