October 28, 2008

Rimmel London Lippies

Although I think I am in a rather desperate need for a long and good holiday, the possibility of me actually flying to, say, London is terribly slim at the moment. And so what's a girl to do but do herself some cheering up. With Rimmel London.

Since I Paris' post on Rimmel's arrival, I've been meaning to go check Rimmel's counter in KLCC out, and about a week (or some weeks) back I did. However, I have since gotten swamped with work so bad that I never quite got to blog about my new purchases.

So here they are now.

Lasting Finish Lipstick

Lately, I've been itching to give red lips a shot, as most of my lipsticks are either peach or nude, or pink or ... well, you get the drift. I've been wanting something a little more different, a little more daring. So when I went to check Rimmel out, I had been meaning to try Drop of Sherry, which Paris said "was a red lipstick without the drama-mama". Sounds good, I thought.

However, the moment I swatched it on, I knew it wasn't for me. Sadly, it was too cool a shade for me to pull off. And then I found Rich Raisin. A warm red, it was so much more up my alley.

It glides on easily enough, and boy is it pigmented. Ladies, this is one lipstick you cannot swipe on with one hand on the steering wheel. I haven't worked up the courage to pull off such a bold lip, so what I've resorted to doing is apply it on, blot, then swipe on lipgloss. So what I get is a bright lip but definitely less drama.

Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss

This one caught my eye too, and when I swatched it on it turned a lovely apricot shade on me. And it had frost in the colours of the rainbow too! Pretty.

It slicks on easily enough, and as you can see comes with a doe-foot applicator. It's also pigmented enough that you can use it on its own without applying lipstick first.

However, I can't actually decide if I find the texture too sticky or otherwise. It's definitely quite sticky, but I haven't quite made up my mind if it actually bothers me. I'll let you girls know when I do make up my mind. =P

On the whole, these two come in lovely packaging (look at the pretty embossed crown!) and for less than RM20 a piece, they are definitely in the affordable range.

They both also apply with a burst of sweet strawberry scent. If it doesn't bother your nose (like me), then I guess it's fine. But if you're sensitive to scents, I strongly suggest you take a good whiff before purchasing.

So far, I still haven't seen Rimmel London anywhere apart from KLCC Watson's. But do keep me updated if you've seen it elsewhere in Malaysia.

Rimmel London, anyone?


Anonymous said...

LOL at your quote of my Drop of Sherry :D Rich raisin looks like a gorgeous red! Too bad about the smell for me :(

Syen said...

Hey Paris,

LOL. I did think it was a really nice quote. =P

And yes, it IS a gorgeous red. So sorry the smell got to you. I guess my half-working nose is sometimes good for some things after all!


Tine said...

Oh my, less than RM20 per lippie? I hate Australia :(

I have two Vinyl Stars and a Vinyl Gloss lipgloss and I like how shimmery they are. But looking at that red lippie, I want one too! I don't have a RED red lipstick yet. Don't know if I can pull it off though :P

Kahani said...

I love red lipsticks. Must try doing a look for the site one day. Here's a story that exemplifies why I love red lippies.

I was standing a bar waiting for drinks and simply could not get attention. When I placed an order the bartender would promptly forget it as other people screamed louder for alcohol. Exasperated, I went for a bathroom break and while there slapped on some red lipstick. I walked back to the bar, got served immediately ahead of everyone else, and not only did the bartender not forget my drink... he gave me two. One was on the house =D

Syen said...

Tine: Ahaha.. Yes, less than RM20 each. Not bad huh? Considering it IS from London.

The only thing is, I've got the red lipstick. Now I just have to find the occasion (and guts) to wear it.

As for Kahani, it's true. Things like that happen to HER. =P

Anonymous said...

Rimmel is also available in Watson's at Sunway Pyramid & Sungei Wang.

Kahani said...

Aaand I just picked up a watsons leaflet that says there will be a Rimmel Stand at Mid Valley Megamall, LG Centre Court from Nov 5-9. There are offers (free 3 rimmel products when you spend RM80 and up including Cool Mousse), and 50 Gloss Maxx Lippies given away per day for the first 50 shoppers. And you buy RM120 and over you can participate in the *coughs* Most beautiful make-over campaign. *sighs at bad copy*

Syen said...

YZ: Ahhh.. okie dokie. Thanks for the heads up!