October 27, 2008

Beauty Bits

Over time I accumulate little bits and pieces that I'd like to blog about, but on they're own they're just well... too itty bitty. So I've decided to compile them into one post.

I have discovered an undying love for Syen's highly recommended Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack. It's amazing! After using it I see small pimples disappear and big ones start to die. My face owes its recovery from Mac's nefarious concealer to this amazing stuff!

This may sound duh, but it's something I kinda just figured out. If I plan to incorporate a bright colour, such as Fuschia Lipstick, or my newly received tube of Silk Naturals Carpe Diem into my routine, then putting it on FIRST before applying any other colour to my face, really really helps.

I am a beauty masochist. Even though I KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that mineral makeup really is best for my skin. I find myself wanting to try out Tine's recommended Face Shop Quick & Clean Blemish Balm Cream, and Clinique's newly reformulated Superfit Foundation.

I have learnt
to my horror that I have been sorely mistaken as to my best shade for undereye concealing. It's NOT a yellow tone as I've always fondly supposed. It's peach. I discovered this when I dusted Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar in yellow under my left eye, and in peach under my right eye, and found the right eye to be much perkier than the left. *eyes all the yellow-toned undereye concealers* Damn.

The much coveted HD powder by Make Up For Ever is basically pure silica (and costs the earth!). At least that's what they claim. So I, and a few girls over at Silk Naturals Forum are currently begging our makeup fairy-godmother, Karen, to concoct a similar finishing powder. Join me in crossing fingers and toes and eyes that she will!

With all the concealer I have to slap on now as my face recovers from this month's breakout, I find that using a brush to apply mineral foundation isn't always the brightest thing as it shifts concealer. Instead I carefully pat it on with Illuminare's Fast Application Pad (i looooove this pad!) to set the concealer, and dust on a finishing powder with my brush. It's also... a whole lot faster when I'm in a tearing hurry.

For major lashes (as major as I can make them), I've found that layering mascara works. But the best way is to apply a coat to one eye, then the other eye, before going back to the first eye. It gives it time to set a bit, but not dry completely. This makes for pretty oomph-y lashes.


ParisB said...

Pure Luxe does a pure silica powder as I recall - fraction of the price of MUFE :) and i gotta try me that Neem pack

kahani said...

Hahaha you caught me. I've already ordered it, ParisB! A sample anyway, but I have this childlike trust in Karen when she says the silica powder is like "ball bearings" and she thinks she can improve on it. ^_^ Still I ordered it and can't WAIT to test it out!

Askmewhats said...

Nice tips! And I just found out over the weekend that using a brush to apply MMU does break me out..lol coz I didn't really wash it everyday, MY BAD! LOL Anyways, I have to try the peach colored concealer though! I've always been using yellow-based!

kahani said...

oh dear, but I can't wash my kabuki everyday as it takes longer than a day to dry. thank god for the fast app pad!

Here's something zany I did for a friend, we went to TBS, and I tried their yellow-based concealer under one eye, and their peach-based concealer under the other using a cotton bud. She was a peach-based person too. =)

yl said...

love your blog :) just wanted to let you know you can get silica at tkb trading or coastal scents, dont have to wait for SN though it'll be more convenient to order everyth tog!

yl said...

oops just read tt you've ordered from pureluxe already :)

kahani said...

Thanks YL! I'm eager to compare PureLuxe's to whatever SN concocts. However I wish MUFE had samples of their powder up for comparison.