November 05, 2008

Cheapie but goodie: Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Control Leave On

If you've been reading this blog you know by now that I have crazy long hair. It now reaches the small of my back! I'm blessed with naturally very straight, fine, and black Asian hair so generally my battle is for volume not sleekness. But when hair attains this length it starts developing a different personality at the ends than it does from the roots (the ends are so much older and more mature after all).

So to protect my ends I rubbed in some of John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Hair Serum. And as John Frieda is utterly unattainable in Malaysia I of course fell in love with the effect, and cursed myself for only buying a travel, and not full-sized jar.

What I loved was how sleek, obedient and un-flyaway my ends became. I retained volume at the roots, but had lovely shiny and smooth ends ala hair commercials. So I immediately went on the hunt for a replacement. I picked this incredibly cheap serum on a whim (it's only RM4 for the 50ml bottle!) and I'm so glad I did!

Because it does exactly what I hoped it would. It tames my ends weightlessly and adds moisture and care. Perhaps it doesn't leave my hair quite as shiny as John Frieda's offering, and sure you need to use a little more - but for the price, who cares?

I have nothing bad to say about this product at all and use it everytime I wash my hair. I squirt a small amount on my palm, and massage it through my wet ends, comb through, and let it air dry.

Now to be safe, my hair really doesn't need much taming or moisture. So if your locks are the rebellious with big tatooed biker boyfriends personality type, perhaps this lightweight cheapie won't help. But give it a try anyways, and let me know how it goes. On the downside, I think that this exact product may only be available in Asia.

For a review of the entire Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable line, head over to Asian Bento Box.

Ps. Speaking of volume, there are NO good, cheap, volumnising shamps and condis available in Malaysia at ALL. Lines like Sunsilk, L'Oreal, and Clairol don't bother marketing it here! I think I have to go premium to get my hands on volumnising haircare. Anyone have any suggestions?

Pix uhh... nipped from Asian Bento Box.


Anonymous said...

I do agree, this leave-on serum is fantastic! I bought it on a whim at Tesco once, 'cos it was so cheap, brought it along on holiday with me, and kept my tresses soft and smooth. In fact, I brought it with me to Melb :p Definitely going back to repurchase a few bottles when I've run out.

Good one! :)

Kahani said...

Yay! Glad it works for your hair too Tine. Mine tends towards obedience, so I was worried that it may not work for everyone.

Fashionasia said...

i absolutely love this one too!!
i have really long and straight hair too.

Kahani said...

Glad you did, fashionasia! Thanks for dropping by. =)