November 07, 2008

Everyday Mineral Brush Review: Flat Top Brush & Eye Kabuki Brush

How do I love my Everyday Minerals brushes, let me count the ways:
1. They're CHEAP
2. They're synthetic - no more rubbing furry creatures on my face! Yes!
3. They're incredibly soft. The hairs are wonderfully fine.
4. They're sturdily made and synthetic bristles will be hardier than non-synthetic.
5. I can use them wet, dry, with cream or liquid bases without fear because they are (again) synthetic!
6. They are cute (yes, it matters!).

I bought these two Everyday Mineral brushes out of need, but I'm so pleased with them I'm now eyeing the entire Everyday Minerals brush range (someone, stop me! Pleaaaase!). Now that the general praise is aside, on to individual brush reviews!

Flat Top Brush ($10)
Although Syen bought this brush and the eye kabuki brush she's not a mineral cosmetic user (except for eyeshadows), so she can't really review them for their original purpose - buffing in minerals.

I'm truly impressed with this flat top brush. Now I have synthetic kabukis from Lily Lolo and Young Blood, and I hate them both so much that I was really dubious about buying this. But the rave reviews could not be ignored, and my Bobbi Brown Kabuki was starting to get split hairs. So I ordered this brush and could not be happier.

Besides all the above perks, it applies mineral foundation like nothing else. Fuller coverage, yes. But also a more natural finish. The hairs are so soft and fine they also allow for layering without mussing the underlying layers. And it layers on foundation without looking cakey. Wonderful!

Eye Kabuki Brush ($7)
This brush really is too large to use as for eyeshadow application on Asian eyes. Sure you can use it to give a sheer wash of highlighter, or to blend out shadows, but in general it would apply too imprecisely for eyeshadow application. For this I'll stick to my MAC blender brush.

But it's in the buffing in of mineral concealers, spot applying foundation for extra coverage, or very precise highligther application down your nose that this brush comes into its own. Previously, I used to have to clean off my blender brush to do all this (sometimes I'd forget, with disasterous results). Also my poor blender brush is ALSO getting split ends, so it's good that the tougher duties are now relegated to this precise kabuki.

What I love about its application is that it applies densely, but is soft and full enough that you can buff lightly for a more even and natural application that blends into my foundation. I might like it a little fluffier, but it's a unique brush and one that's a daily staple for me already!

Ps. Yes, I nipped the pics from Syen's post - with her permission. ^_^


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to get the flat top kabuki brush. I read its good for normal loose powder too since I don't use mineral foundation anymore. Thanks for the review and I didn't know brushes could get split ends too!

AskMeWhats said...

Ohh I love my EDM FT brush too and I'm glad I cave in buying!!!!

Paris, I also use this for my regular powdered foundation too! :) It's really lovely!!! No hair fall up to date!

Kahani said...

Yes Paris, go ahead and get it. I'd heard all the rave reviews and still I was stunned by the quality of the brush. =)

Anonymous said...

Yay to the flat top brush. Even though I don't use mineral foundation anymore, I use it as a blush brush and it's fantastic.

I do agree with the eye buki though, that it is far too big for non-deep set Asian eyes. I tried it with my eyes, and it just didn't work. Cute though :p

GlossQueen said...

I'm so glad to hear you love these brushes, cause I've just ordered them. Can't wait till they arrive!

Kahani said...

Tine: I also use the eye kabuki to tidy up around the eye area. Say your e/s went a wee bit out of control, dip the brush in a powder foundation, or light coloured eyeshadow and buff over exactly where you need to.

GlossQueen: I hope you'll love them too. These brushes single handedly convinced me to switch to all-synthetic!

Anonymous said...

My EDM baby buki dropped into the toilet bowl this morning. =/ Good thing I wasn't attached to it. If it was the flat top, I would have cried.

But now I have a good excuse to try Ecotools next week.

Kahani said...

Eli: Hot Damn, you guys have ECOTOOLS THERE???

Syen said...


Oh oh... I have a feeling somebody will be making another order of brushes soon. *cough Kahani cough* =P

Anonymous said...

Yup. They came about a month back but only Priceline (something like Watson's or Guardian) is stocking them. The full 5-piece set is around AUD 24~25 and the individual brushes are around AUD 14?

Btw, Syen. Do you want another bottle of John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette conditioner? =P Can't remember the price though.

Kahani said...

Yaaargh! They have John Frieda in Oz TOO? Do they have the Luxurious Volume Range?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have John Frieda. I like the Frizz-Ease serum stuff.

Hmm. No idea about the Luxurious Volume Range but I'll check after my final exam on Wednesday?

Kahani said...

Yes please, thanks Eli! I think I'll pass on Ecotools as they are so much cheaper in the states and I'm fairly certain I can live without them. BUT the idea of living without my John Frieda Luxurious Volume range makes me quake all over.

Syen said...

Eli: You guys have John Frieda??? DAMN. =P

Thanks so much for your offer on JF's conditioner. But no worries. I've got two huge tubes stocked up already. =P

However, I'm really keen to try JF's Frizz Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula. Could you please help me check the price there? I might want one... =)

I think you can tell how much me and Kahani love JF now, huh?

PS: John, if you're ever reading this, COME TO MALAYSIA!!! *wails* Pretty please?

Petra said...

I was eyeing the Kabuki brush for my inner samurai. Love Bodyshop ones too.

Kahani said...

"inner samural" *giggles* If you want slightly less heavy coverage then go for it. =)

Anonymous said...

Kahani: They have the JF Luxurious Volume Range. Price seems to hover around AUD24.

Syen: I couldn't find the Frizz Ease Thermal Protection Formula although Oz should have it by right. Let me take a look around Sydney.

Kahani said...

eli: Good grief, would you believe that at that price it's almost double what they're selling in London? It's only RM35 or so there! Eeevil... hmm, maybe just one tube of Luxurious volume shampoo then? I can make one last an amazing amount of time, and I think any light condi should do.

Faith said...

Oooh.. I ordered EDM flat-top and long handled kabukis too! They haven't arrived yet though, and I'm so disappointed because my samples came in less than 2 weeks! So I was expecting the same for my bulk purchase, but maybe boxes take longer?

I ordered the brushes as part of the USD50 super kit.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

can I use the flat top brush with liquid foundation ? I'm looking for a good flat top brush with my liquid foundation... as my Etude House Duo Fiber Brush really disappointed me way too much...