November 08, 2008

d' Hair Shop Launch

Love is in d' Hair - that's the tagline for the all new d' Hair Shop which was just launched yesterday (Nov 7) at the Pavilion.

And So Loverly is happy that it got the chance to be one of the first few to have a look around the outlet, thanks to the lovely hair guru and d' Hair Shop's brand ambassador Winnie Loo.

d' Hair Shop boasts to be a one-stop haircare shop retailing premium products, but its products come with a price tag ranging from RM30 to RM100, "so that a great head of hair doesn't mean being hard on the wallet". 

That certainly sounds good. =)

Their hair products are split into five ranges for both men and women - Norme for normal hair, Moisis for dry hair, Purete for oily hair, Controle for dandruff-y scalps and Colorneu for coloured hair. And it covers everything from shampoo and conditioner to hair masks, serums and styling gels.

They even have little shampoo bars which I personally found quite amusing. Like a bar of soap, but for the hair. Geddit? And they, too, come in a variety of purposes - oily hair, dandruff-y scalps etc.

According to Winnie, what's cool about this brand is that it's made for Malaysians, by Malaysians "as what works on hair in the west doesn't always work on hair in Asia". Product formulation, however, is done in France.

All those who were present for the launch received a Norme range trial pack, so reviews will be coming up when I've tried them out thoroughly.

And while we were at it, we took five minutes to talk to Winnie about what works for Malaysian women, what doesn't and how to keep your hair looking fab.

So stayed tuned! The interview with the great hair guru will be coming up soon.


beetrice said...

LOL...I saw it on my way up this morning...looked interesting, but didn't stop cos I was late! :D

The shampoo bars look interesting though...hmmm...

Syen said...

Hey ya!

Yea, so I was in Pavilion two days in a row! =P

I thought the outlet looked quite interesting. But I think I'll try what I got before deciding whether I'm inclined to get a full-sized product.

And yes, the shampoo bars definitely caught my attention. =P

petra said...

Ooh. Are these the only shampoo bars available? I'm saving my lush bars for when I balik KL.

Syen said...

Hey Petra, erm.. I'm not too familiar with the shampoo bars. As far as I know Lush has them, but we don't have Lush here.

I'm not sure of other brands here which carry shampoo bars too.

Does anyone else know?

But if you're wondering if these are the only two available from this line, then no. There are about 6 types of shampoo bars, I believe.