November 20, 2008

Duped: Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder

I'm not actually sure who duped who in this case. After all, Make Up For Ever essentially repackaged something that's always been around - 100% silica powder, whereas Pure Luxe Cosmetics is selling it as it is. And LOOK at the price difference? For US$30, you get 0.35 oz (10g) of product, while Pure Luxe sells the equivalent amount for US$6. And for those who really LOVE the stuff, you can get 30g for US$14, three times the amount, less than half the price. So does it work, and how do they compare? Read on:

Does it work?
I only sampled the Pure Luxe offering, and at the price of US$30 a jar, chances are things will stay that way! But so far I am quite addicted to it. It really does provide a pore-less porcelaine finish to the skin. It's glowy, but not shimmery. It's almost ethereal looking at first, but settled down after awhile.

Although the powder is pure white, unless you are very dark skinned, or dusted far too much, it applies translucently. It also controls oil pretty well. I've been using it to set my foundation and with SN's Oil Control Primer underneath my foundation I can stave off the oilies till lunch if I don't get too hot and bothered.

The tiniest bit is enough, my sample will last me quite awhile. =)

How do they compare?
Since I haven't used the both of them, let's let the lovely ladies of Makeup Alley handle this bit for us. These extracts were obtained off the review for Pure Luxe Silica powder:

"I would recommend trying this before buying MUFE's first. I do have some of it and while it's nice, this is just as good as 1/3 the price..........I just love the "finished, polished" great look it gives" - Queenmarie

"The main difference, however, the pure luxe silica, IMO, is not as finely milled as the HD. I could literally feel it on my skin! it kind of sat on top, and made my face feel gritty." - StefieJ
(Note: I'm wondering if she got a bad batch, because if my silica powder was anymore finely milled it'd drive me batty. It's already crazy fine, a sneeze and the jar would be gone in a poof!)

"Make Up Forever has released High Definition Powder. This too is 100% silica. I have both. The MUFE version is a slightly finer mill than PL. The PL performs just as well for half the price. I have to admit that the MUFE version is in a much nicer package!" - MommaMayhann
(But this lady agrees that MUFE is slightly more finely milled.)

So there you are girls, draw your own conclusions. In the mean time, I'm placing an order for a full-sized silica powder and for a powder dispensing brush, so I can dust as I go!


Askmewhats said...

thanks for posting the reviews from other people who have used both!!! I appreciate it Kahani :) I've been wanting to try both! But I find MUFE a bit pricey and I am not confident to try the Dupe coz I'm afraid of skin reactions! :)

kahani said...

Hey Nikki, you're so welcome. I'll continue doing this because, quite frankly, I think the prices they charge for the original is nuts! And my budget doesn't extend to buying both cheap and pricey for comparison. So, are you going to give the dupe a whirl?

Askmewhats said...

I don't know where I can purchase them for now. I've tried to look at Coastal Scents and TKB trading but their shipping rate is over the roof! LOL so I'll wait for sale or something or who knows? Offer a free shipping, I have to do my research :)

Tine said...

I've heard of this, and to tell you the truth, 30 bucks for a tiny jar of silica powder is really too much. Just cos it's MUFE. Silk Naturals do a good dupe too, and it's so much cheaper.

kahani said...

Tine: Hey girl, I agree with you that MUFE are crazy insane and somewhat evil to do this to us. I find that Silk Naturals finishing powders and oil primers don't have enough silica in them though. So lately I've been sprinkling my PureLuxe powder in with them. Whee!