November 19, 2008

Makeup Artist Hunting~

If you're wondering who the lovely lady in the photo is, her name is Sharon Wei. And she's MY makeup artist.

Yes, you heard me right. Why have I got a personal makeup artist? Oh fine. I'll spill the beans. After the jump.

Because I'm getting married, that's why! =D

While my wedding is still some (many) months away, I've been doing some hunting for a good makeup artist. A mighty important person, if you ask me. After all, she's the one who's going to help me slap on the war paint for what is set to be one of the most important days of my life.

Some people say, "All brides look lovely". Yes, I agree. But I personally feel that good makeup enhances her beauty even more. You definitely don't want panda eyes, or blush streaks on your wedding day, no?

I found Sharon through a friend who also engaged her for her own wedding. And boy did my friend look absolutely gorgeous. For day, she looked au naturel and literally glowing, and for night she looked simply stunning.

So when I popped by Sharon's office at the Wedding Isle the other day to say hi, I couldn't help but pause and whip out my camera for a few shots.

I haven't had a chance for a makeover with her yet. That's to be sometime later, next year (and yes, I promise you girls a post on that). But I did manage to ask her what are some of the products she uses on her brides (mainly Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and MAC) and why.

Foundation: Bobbi Brown and Kose. Bobbi Brown for those with good skin who need little coverage, and Kose for those who need a little more coverage. Kose works really well for Asian skin.

Blush: Bobbi Brown. It applies very well, and is easier to work with than even some other high end brands. It also blends into the skin, instead of just sitting on it.

Eyeshadow: It's hard to really play with colours for brides as they generally want a classic, timeless look which will still look good 10 years from now. So what better than neutrals and natural shades? And who better at this than Bobbi?

Eyeliner: For a bride, you'll need a liner that applies well, and stays put! It has to last through all the tearing and (possible) crying, and still not budge or smudge. I've tried so many liners in the market and the best by far is a low-end eyeliner from India. It beats all the high-end liners hands down. What's important is that it works.

Mascara: Japanese mascaras are the best for Asian lashes. Fasio is my personal favourite.

That's about all the products I managed to ask her on, as I was too busy oohing and aahing over her tools of the trade.

Can't wait for my makeover! =D


beetrice said...

hehe...i cannot wait for the makeover pics - if what she does to your lashes is anything like what happened at stage, you'll slay them girl! :)

MisSmall said...

Congratulations, gal! Can't wait to see the makeover pictures. (Why do I get so excited over other's wedding planning when I'm too lazy to plan my own. Hmm.)

Tine said...

Congratulations! Show the makeover pics yeah?
I'm with MisSmall; I'm more interested in other people's weddings than my own :P

ParisB said...

Congratulations!!! Again ;) You already look amazing IRL you're going to be gorgeous on the day. Hope it all goes well! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats gal!!
In spite of kahani goin on bout how hot she is & how irresistible 2 other guys bla bla bla.... you're the one getting married! I'm so happy for you!!

Syen said...

Hehe, thanks for the all the well-wishes and congrats, ladies!!! =D

You'll definitely get to see the makeover pics, when I get there. LOL.

Bee: LOL, you still can't let go of 'em lashes the other day huh? *giggles*

But seriously, I think you girls are much better when it comes to application than me. *blushes*

MisSmall: Tee hee hee. Perhaps we could compare notes? =P

Tine: Hahaha... But I think I might know why. ALL THE PLANNING!! 0_o LOL.

Paris: Aww... thanks dearie. I hope so too. =P

Anon: Thanks! But on Kahani.. aww, she's a great, great girl actually and a very good friend. And she IS hot! We're both in slightly different circumstances, so it's not a fair comparison.

kahani said...

Thanks to everyone for being so excited over my bestie's wedding! =)

Syen: Aww.. thanks

Anon: I had no idea my amusing anecdotes were grating on your nerves so much. I'll try and tone it down a bit - really only meant to amuse and entertain. But y'know not all of us meet Mr Right that quickly. We have to get through a fair share of Mr Wrongs. Great for Syen that her Mr Right popped up early on. ;) Now why not introduce yourself?

YZ said...

Oh, that was mean of you Anon, whoever you are :(
kahani is a lovely girl, plus she does super FOTDs! You totally rocked the red lip look in your previous post gal :)
Btw CONGRATULATIONS to you, Syen! :D And yes, I can totally understand why you went ga-ga over Sharon's makeup kit! LOL

Syen said...

YZ: Thank you dear! =D *giggles* No wonder why at all, huh?

yl said...


and whats this awesome cheap indian eyeliner she uses? please share after your makeover :)

kahani said...

YZ: Aww... thanks so much dear. That does help.=)

YL: yes! I second you...Oi, Syen what's the liner?

Syen said...

YL and Kahani: On the liner. Erm.. it's a no-brand liquid liner that she gets from India with some help from her model friends.

She was a little shy about letting on on the liner. So I'm sorry. There's no name for me to tell you. I'll try looking it up again when I meet her next. =P