November 22, 2008

E.L.F. Cosmetics in Asia!

Maybe I'm a little behind on things but the cheap-cult brand, ELF cosmetics is available in Asia! And not just anypart of Asia, Singapore and Malaysia. Fortunately for me, I find even the promotional price of S$3.30 (RM7.80) so much more than their famous US$1 price that that I can resist buying - and therefore can eat this month. Also, I think that forcing Asians to buy from a more expensive distributor is just plain evil.

But if you've been dying to try out ELF, read on for several products I picked out based on high reviews in MUA.

1. Super Glossy Lipshine SPF 15
Be warned! Although the reviews on this is stellar, it is apparently, phenomenally sticky. Most popular shade is Candlelight, described in reviews as "the perfect nude shade" and Watermelon, "fresh sheer red".

2.Eye Shadow Brush
Apparently a very versatile brush and a worthwhile buy.

3.Elements 4-Pan Compact
Indignation aside, this is the one thing that will tempt me to buy from ELF Asia. At S$3, it's not such bad value if you have enough pan shadows to fill it. Many girls recommend removing the centre piece and fixing pan shadows to the metal base with magnets. That way you can fit in 5 Mac shadows.

4. Elements eyeshadows
Near as I can tell, the shadows are rather hit and miss. But two highly pigmented and impressive ones appear to be Sage (olive goldy green), and dusk (dark dusky purple black).

5. Wet Gloss Eyelash & Brow Gel
Not revolutionary, but handy enough at this price. Better just use it on your brows and not your lashes though as quite a few girls say it stings.


beetrice said...

is it already available in Msia? i thought it was only in Spore...then again, paying almost double for the products isn't my cup of tea lor...sigh...

kahani said...

They ship to M'sia. But yes, paying double is out and out unfair.

Eli said...

I tried e.l.f. out in Australia. E/s brush is really versatile and good for applying mineral undereye concealer. Not very soft and sheds quite a bit though. I killed mine a weeks ago when a bottle of antiperspirant broke in my bag. I miss it. =(

The eyeshadow is crap on me but that may be my colouring. (I have Sage and Dusk somewhere so you or Syen can try it if I find it) Their blushers are nice though.

You forgot to mention their eyelash curler, K! It curls well but it doesn't fit my eye shape very well and your lashes are L-shaped if you squeeze too hard.

kahani said...

LOL thanks for the reviews, Eli. I didn't forget the eyelash curler, I left it out because Asian girls don't tend to like it as much. ;)

Tine said...

ELF stuff are AUD3.95, which is expensive too. But glad to know that it's finally available in S'pore (and maybe soon to M'sia) :)

kahani said...

Tine: I'm pretty sure they deliver to M'sia. But it'd be handy if they had it in pharmacies here as well. =)