November 24, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

The very day I read this post on Nikki's blog, I walked into Sasa looking to buy nail polish remover and found that Sally Hansen was giving a free acetone dispenser with a bottle of their remover for RM14.90. Thank god for Nikki, or I wouldn't have known what it was, or appreciated the genius of it. It has already made nail polish application so much easier as I can keep it uncapped and can wet a cotton pad without danger of mussing my nails. Thanks for the timely post, girl!

I used to think that defining my crease was a pointless exercise. Turns out I was wrong, I was just using brushes too large for me. With the mini smudge brush from Silk Naturals (review pending) I find that if I add a darker line of shadow in my crease, it does make my eyes stand out more. Slightly more, but more!

Silica powder on its own can look slightly ashy. SN Oil Control Primer is a little flat as a finishing powder. So a tiny sprinkle of both in my mixing dish and voila! The ultimate oil controlling finishing powder. *love*

In view of the above, I've ordered a large 30g jar of Silica Powder - not from Pure Luxe ($14) but from Coastal Scents ($4!). So the cheapie dupe got duped...

With Christmas in the offing, some of you ladies out there might want to bring on your bling with lots of glitter. I'm not given to using it myself, but if you want some great tips on using glitter, plus safety information, check out Doe Deere's post on it. She's quite the expert on this one believe you me.

Oh and by the by, I may be slow on this, but I walked by The Body Shop yesterday and their lovely Christmas lines and gift sets are out! I didn't spot a new scent this year, but the cranberry range calleth as usual. However, I took a whiff of their body butter and is it just me, or does anyone else find it less cranberry-ish?


AskMeWhats said...

Hey Kahani :) Thanks so much for the "post" :) That's too sweet of you, but it's funny how I thought back and forth if I should post it or not, cause I don't have a darn clue where to buy it here in the Philippines. I'm glad I did :D I see these cute bottles online and never thought we have it here in Asia :)

Lucky you to have found them! :) Enjoy!!! Happy start of the week!

beetrice said...

I could've sworn there was another different post on "Monday Bits"...ah well...the acetone bottles can be gotten at Magicboo locally too! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I thought I saw a different version of the Monday Bits yesterday too!

Anyhews, me love The Body Shop's cranberry range. Can't use too much though; cranberry overkill can make me sick :P

Kahani said...

tee hee hoped you girls wouldn't spot it. Should have known better. That was a beauty bits in progress - I accidentally posted it without realising it. *sighs* It's been a long long week.=P

Nikki: Lol as you can tell, I'm glad you decided to post it. Sometimes, even if it's not obtainable locally it's good to know about it - because then we can try to get it!

Beetrice:... what is Magicboo? Online site?

Tine: Yes I love the cranberry range, in small doses. I didn't spot their body spray though which I love (and use regularly).

beetrice said...

magicboo is one of those shops that supply beauty salons and the like...there's one big outlet in damansara uptown. :)