November 27, 2008

Guest review: Lush's Buffy the Backside Slayer

Although not exclusively for this blog, I couldn't resist posting my friend, Kimmik's review of this product. It's a rollicking good read, from the product name to her fortitude in braving a Lush store.
Every time I walk by the Lush store, I get a migraine.

Never one for perfumes or scented products, the shop was potpourri hell, only 20 times worst.

I would sidle up to the opposite wall and quicken my pace, huddled with my nose safely buried in my probably bacteria infested sleeve.

And then Buffy the Backside slayer came along.

I walked in, came out of the shop AUD$26 poorer but emerged from the shower as Kristin Kreuk (Because Buffy is life changing).

While Buffy, big or small, might not look very sexy and in fact resembles a chunk of margarine, it smells beautiful (contains Cocoa and Shea Butter, Lavender and Lemon Oil among other things), moisturises as it should, makes my scaly skin baby soft, and is fussy boyfriend approved.

It takes a bit of figuring out how best to use Buffy though: should I hold it like a rock that I would use to smash someone on the head with, or should I slice it like ham? I did the former and it worked out fine.

Lush website says 90g small Buffy (AUD$15.95) should last two to three showers, which means its about five bucks per use, which is really quite steep. I would suggest to keep it somewhere dry, wet yourself, grab Buffy, give your bits a scrub then keep it out of water's way. That way, you don't lose precious Buffy to the evil drain lord.

Buffy contains ground rice, almonds and aduki beans and is really quite rough, which I love because I like the idea that bumps and dead skin cells are being scraped away. This however might not suit those who're just looking for a tickle.

"All in all, I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty, and gay! And I pity, anybody who isn't me today!"

Note: Lush products are all-natural and are not tested on animals.


AskMeWhats said...

I steer away from Lush too! I get to have headache too but funny thing, once, I went face my fear, and it doesn't smell that bad when you're IN the store :)

Kahani said...

Nikki that's what Kim says! I actually get an instant headache from Lush myself. But I think that by the time you walk in there, your nose has plain given up, and you can't smell anything. *grins*

Keem said...

i tried smelling buffy in the shop but couldn't differentiate it from one soap to another.

On the not smelling so bad in the shop: I think my nose died a little, hence feeling like it didn't smell so bad.

beetrice said...

hehe...sorry babes, I'm in LURVE with Lush - probably a good thing they don't have an outlet here! :D the thing is that overpowering fragrance is a combination of EVERYTHING in the store, but on its own, smells okay.

my personal favourites are their emotibombs, enzymion and ocean salt...mmm...wait, did i just pick those that DON'T have that much scent? o.O that reminds me, i've gotta get around to reviewing the enzymion!! :D

Anonymous said...

I love Lush but I cannot imagine how can people work there? I can be in the shop for less than 10mins, pick up the stuffs I want and leave. My favourite products are bath ballistics and bubble bars.

Petra said...

ooh, thanks for the tip. now i want too!

i am using their godiva 2-1 shampoo to cut down on packaging (environmental consumption, shame shame). it is drying, so i sort that out with some pantene leave-in hair conditioner that my ex-flatmate left behind. seems to work. but i wouldn't repurchase, because i prefer gentler shampoos. will let you know how their licorice based ones work next - next shampoo bar!

Petra said...

some lush products do carry synthetic preservatives, which are listed on the ingredients list in bold. if i am not mistaken they are of the paraben variety which an ex flatmate tells me is used on dead bodies. but health nuts say is unhealthy for you.

the beauty editor of oprah magazine doesn't seem to think that parabens are an issue. a lush catalogue (if not mistaken) argued some preservatives prevent icky junk from taking over your skincare which is also unhealthy.

parabens are found in most beauty products (eg supermarket moisturisers). so it is really your call whether to try avoiding them to see if it improves the skin.