November 26, 2008

Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara is "Meh"

This really is the absolute last purchase I made in England. Right before hopping onto my flight back to Malaysia I cashed in all my remaining Boots points in Heathrow airport and picked up this mascara (in black) on a whim.

I've finished the tube (it's a bit dry and has started making my eyes itch), and the reason my review has been such a long-time coming is because I can't make up my mind what I think of this stuff!

You see, although it does define, volumnise and lengthen my lashes (good) - it doesn't really do so by much without multiple coats (bad). And with multiple coats it tends to clump (bad), but there is some drama going on (good).

And although it's non-waterproof it doesn't smudge (good) but is insanely hard to wash off, even with a cleansing oil and eyemakeup remover (bad). But somehow still manages to smudge when I'm caught in the rain or crying (bad). It does help the curl last (good), it doesn't last longer than half a day (bad).

So you see, I don't hate it nor do I like it. I used it everyday for 3 months and my opinion of is is "meh". Perhaps I'd hate it more if I'd actually paid £9.99 for it instead of just cashing in my Boots points before sprinting for the plane. Wish I'd gotmore Soap & Glory instead. Ah some, you lose some.

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Petra, sister of our star Guest Reviewer, Eli, says this mascara is evil. Explain more, Pet?

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Petra said...

max factor animal tests. boo! i kept mixing them up with mac which does not animal test. yay!

(your star reviewer and i go playing in the mac counter of christchurch tomorrow yippee)

i refer to two websites, skin deep and caring consumer ie peta. peta's list takes into consideration that some tests on animals have to be performed by law.

a friend recently said she would rather have something that is animal tested to be thorough. good grief. as a cosmetics lover said, use your common sense - if something is going to be caustic, burn your eyelids etc DON'T PUT IT IN. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

no need to drop mascara in snowy the rabbit's eyelids. sniff.