December 08, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

Right ladies, a full week later, and we're back!

I've been hearing amazing things about Olay's Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum. Despite its rather redundant name I've heard everything from minimising wrinkles and fading blemish scars, to turning combination skin into NORMAL skin! Has anyone here tried it? What do you think?

Just in time for Christmas shopping, Tiny Tapir has just received a shipment of 15 new Roo Tote designs! I immediately snapped up a tote in Flora (Floral is actually the real name I believe) which I fell in love with the moment I saw it on Karen Cheng's blog.

I can't wait for my Coastal Scents order of Silica Powder to arrive. Since I wiped out my sample from Pure Luxe, I've been going around conscious of my definitely more oily face. Hurry up you wretched package!

This review on Skin Deco has me craving Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie OD Control primer like no tomorrow. Darn you Watsons, bring it on over to 1U as well! KLCC is too far. *pouts*


Askmewhats said...

I am waiting for my Coastal Scents' Silica Powder too!!! yay, can't wait to test on it and see how good it is!

Tine said...

I'm currently using the Olay serum, and I have to say, it's pretty good. No, it doesn't perform miracles, but it did improve the quality of my skin, especially after the bout of contact dermatitis I had. I don't see my oily skin becoming normal though :P

kahani said...

Nikki: I even bought a powder dispensing brush that I'm going to try to use for touch ups during the day. I plan to colour the Silica powder with a bit of the Silk Naturals buttery gold colour to prevent that ashy look. Will let you know how it works! =)

Tine: Boo! Lol, I was definitely dubious about some of the more extravagant claims on MUA. But I figure it's time I started worrying about anti-aging, and this serum looks like a good place to start. No breakouts?

Eli said...

Tine: What are the Olay serum ingredients?

My skin is not looking forward to going back to KL this Friday. =( Any ideas on what might help calm it down other than Avene water?

kahani said...

Hey Eli, check out the link I posted, if you can't find ingredients there I'll go look deeper.

First off, what happens to your skin when you return to KL?

Eli said...

The Olay link had the ingredients. Silly me, I should have checked. Almost exactly the same as what I am using (Yes, K. Pending review) but Olay is cheaper and has more synthetics.

First, I get really oily. Then I turn dry. Then my skin starts peeling before I turn oily again. I usually use a cream moisturiser and Cetaphil cleanser because I have oily-dry skin.