December 15, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

I've finally given the honey mask a try. I found a small jar of Manuka honey in the larder, and happily slapped it on my cleansed face (it was sticky!). After an hour I rinsed it off to see no great change. But I understand this is one of the slow but gradual things. The next morning a whacking great pimple on my chin, that was threatening to be whackinger and greater, started to beat a retreat. So perhaps the honey mask is working! If it continues to rock, I'll give it a full review.

I REALLY like the Dove Hair Fall Therapy mask! I bought the 'mini me' tub for RM2 and am now desirous of the full-grown, 'mummy tub'. This knocks my beloved L'oreal Elseve Intensive Shine mask outta the park! I need so much less, and my hair is full, moisturised and thick without being greasy or weighed down. Awesome!

Sadly, although it makes such a nice moisturising gloss, I shall have to stop using my tube of Palmer's Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm over Benetint and Posietint. It dissolves the stains so they don't last. Boo! I have to now use Burts Bees as a balm and top it off with a clear Lancome Juicy Tube.

I'm rather horrified at the Hello Kitty for Mac collection. I hate that darned cat! What do you girls think?

And... I'm feeling guilty because I bought another RooTote! But I couldn't t help it, I was in love with this Floral tote since I saw it on Karen Cheng's blog. So when I saw it on Tiny Tapir I pounced first and thought after. *blushes and runs away*


ParisB said...

I got the Floral as a gift and its very pretty so excellent choice! The HK collection had me going "EH?!"

Askmewhats said...

wow...all the ladies are super intrigued with Rootote!!! I wonder how it looks like in person, I always see them on sites! :) Enjoy!!!!

Say this 100x "I deserve this...I deserve this...I deserve this...." lol

Syen said...

Kahani: Hehehe.. So glad you like the Dove hair mask. =)

MAC Hello Kitty is kinda "meh" for me. Although I'm seeing some stuff I likey very much from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. =D

On roototes. I've still yet to jump on the bandwagon. Hmmm...

kahani said...

ParisB & Nikki: Thanks for helping ameliorate the guilt! =D

Nikkie: They're pretttyyy and so handy. Great size, lovely pockets, and washable. ;)

Syen: Don't worry the bandwagon will come. And yesh I like the Dove mask. ^_^ Great find, babe!

YZ said...

I nabbed the LAST Floral Rootote on Tiny Tapir after reading your previous Beauty Bit :p
Just in time too!

Jenn said...

I'll have to admit that i'm not a fan of Hello Kitty!! Most of the color story revealed so far did not appeal to me as well!

But i'm mighty curious about the Hello Kitty Kouture collection which has swarovskis on them!! I love everything glittery!! hehehe!!

ps: you've been tagged! ;)

Syen said...

Jenn: Me neither, but I do know one girl was a crazy Hello Kitty fan. I think this MAC collection will have her going ga-ga.

Last I remembered, her entire car was bedecked with Hello Kitty paraphernalia. Like EVERYWHERE. =P

Whatever rocks her boat!

And yes, I've checked out yours, and done my tag. It'll be out sometime this week! =)