December 20, 2008

Tag: 16 Things About ME

So I've been tagged by the lipgloss-eating Jenn. =P

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people (I'll be nice and stick to three) to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted on your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

*Gulp* SIXTEEN things? Oh boy. Here goes!

1. The first thing I want to do when I get my own place is to get a dog! I'm thinking Welsh Corgi. Then Golden Retriever. Then German Shepherd. =)

2. Everyone says I'm my daddy's girl. And darn proud of it. *tee hee*

3. I'm not a vege person. I eat it, but it doesn't mean I have to like all of it.

4. I get a little bothered by people who bite their nails. I just personally find it very unhygienic.

5. I have a bad habit of correcting people's English. Yes, it's a baaaad habit, but I can control myself fairly well now.

6. I actually have a bucket list. As in the things I plan to do before I die. You know, stuff like sky-diving, learning French etc.

7. I'm studying Biblical Hebrew (one of the stuff from the bucket list). It's so not easy! The grammar rules are insane, I tell you. Insane!

8. Travelling is something of a priority for me over the next few years. So many places, so little time and money. The US, Egypt, Israel, UK, Europe(!!), New Zealand's south island... just to name a few.

(Ooh.. this photo's mine from when I paid Kahani a visit in Amsterdam last year.)

9. I also really want to get my own DSLR. Preferably soon. Canon 450D, I'm staring at you!

10. I have always been into the Tudor era of the English history. The colour! The drama! Amazing. Making a stop at the Tower of London when I was in the UK last year was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! =D

11. Two of my favouritest authors are L.M. Montgomery and Neil Gaiman. Different styles, different eras, but both amazing writers.

12. I like my cars and I like four-wheelies. This is possibly due to the fact that the first vehicle I drove around after I got my license was an old, white Mitsubishi Pajero.

(Something like that lah.)

I'm currently driving a little maroon Kelisa, but if my wallet could afford it, I'd run down to a Nissan showroom and get me an X-trail. Or a Murano. But my current ultimate dream car is a Volkswagon Golf GTI. *sigh*

13. (Oh dear, we're STILL not done yet?) I think the pipe organ is one heck of a cool musical instrument. It's huge and it's expensive and it's LOUD.

14. I have seasonal fetishes. At one point it was wallets, then bags, then lipsticks, then blushers. Right now it's hair masks. Yes dears, reviews coming soon!

15. One person I have immense respect for in life is my mom (and not just because it's a cliche answer). One big lesson I've learnt from her is how to say you're sorry if you've made a mistake. Sometimes, eating the humble pie is a lot harder than it looks.

16. I can't cook to save my life. *blush* But I'm learning. Slooowly.

There you have it! Sixteen totally random details about me. Now I tag Paris, Beetrice and Kahani (sorry babes =P )!

Pics nicked from here, here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

*Gasps* How cute is that puppy?! Look at those chubby legs and look at that face, how can you not love it?! OMG I just wanna hold it all day long like my favourite soft toy! :D

Jenn said...

Thanks for doing this tag!! Awwww... that doggie is soo darling!! I feel like just picking it up and hugging it tight!!

Syen said...

MisSmall: Hehehe... That puppy is awfully cute, isn't he? I wish he were MINE!!!

I'll be getting one soon enough. I hope.

Jenn: No prob. It was actually quite fun, trying to think of random things about yourself. Makes the brain chug a little. LOL.

Now I'm looking fwd to seeing the list from those I've tagged. =P

plue said...

hello Syen!

i also want a DSLR... I sold my Canon EOS 40D or was it 350D? I can't remember a few years back :(

I am regretting it.

Loving your blog! I wondered why I never came around to read earlier! :P


Syen said...

Plue: Helloo!!! Welcome to So Loverly.

I have an ixus which is serving me very well. But a DSLR and an ixus is hardly comparable now, are they? =P

Why did you sell off your DSLR?

Thanks for the very kind words. And thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you around more! =)

plue said...

i sold off my DSLR becuz my parents made me to, since I have changed my studies from purely design student to half management, half design studies :(

sad, but i am saving up for a DSLR, or maybe a mini SLR :P

will be stopping by very often now! :D


Syen said...

Plue: Ooh.. I see. That makes two of us saving. LOL.

See you around! =)

Anonymous said...

Ooh is that a husky? I love huskies :D Thanks for the tag but unfortunately I've stopped doing tags on that site. Thanks for thinking of me anyway :D

beetrice said...

awww's going to take me a while to get around to this babe!! :D but hopefully by end-2008 k? (which is not that far off!)

Syen said...

Paris: It's a cuuute Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) puppy. =P No worries. No obligation to do the tag. It was just for the fun of it. Hehe.

Bee: Hahahhaha.. no worries babe. Take your time. And yes, 2008 is coming to an END!!! So soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, been doing catch up on your blog. I like this post. It's personal and make-up free!! :D