December 22, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

This is my first Monday's Beauty Bits, so do bear with me a little as I try to prattle on the little things in beauty that matter to me. Kahani, who has always been holding the fort for Beauty Bits, is currently out of town for a few days to attend to some personal matters.

Even though I have been on the makeup bandwagon for a little while now, it was only very recently that I realised what a difference a little bit of eye liner and mascara can do to my eyes. My already big eyes seem to get even bigger, almost beyond pop. That's great news for me though, as it's the one feature I love to emphasize on when I do my makeup for night-outs and special occasions. =)

With that said, for the everyday, eyelash curlers alone are my new go-to now to give my lashes a little lift. I have no patience for the liner and mascara for everyday makeup, so it's eyeshadow, then the curler and I'm good to go.

For someone who loves MAC (most of the time anyway), I have been an awfully good girl. I got NOTHING from their Holiday collection. Awfully, awfully good, I tell ya. (Santa, are you listening?) The products looked good, but nothing I HAD to get. The MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead collection, however... now THIS one, I'm looking forward to. The MSFs! =P

Still on MAC, sorry if I'm a little late, but MAC Monogram is already here in Malaysia. While it does look good, I'm not getting anything either as I feel this collection is waaay overpriced. Sorry MAC, but there are limits, you know.

My mom was recently hospitalised for urinary tract infection (but don't worry, she's ok now), which leads me to send you ladies a reminder. Drink your water! Lots and lots of it. They don't call it a kidney saver for nothing, and besides, water is supposed to clear up your skin too. So drink up!

And finally, I am now officially on the Rootote wagon. Many thanks to Kahani who got me this Rootote as my Christmas pressie, and now I am a proud owner of one too. =D Thanks babe!


AskMeWhats said...

hey great update and I wish your mom to get well soon! thanks for the reminder..I'm one of those who "forgets" to drink water..thanks so much I have to dash off and drink my water after this comment :)

Jenn said...

Is your mum still in hospital? I wish her a speedy recovery!!

Yesss, eyeliner does make a HUGE difference, at least for me!! :D

You've been a good girl!! Therefore go ahead and splurge on the BBR collection!! lol!!

I agree that the monogram collection is a little too expensive!! >.< I'll be skipping it as well (though one lippie and two lipglosses are definitely calling out to me... I. MUST. RESIST!!!!)

Congrats on being a Rootote owner!! Have a blessed Christmas ya! hehe!!

Syen said...

Nikki: Hey girl! Thanks for the kind wishes but mom is already out of the hospital and back to work! Superwoman, I tell you. =)

And yes, drink your water girl! =P

Jenn: Nope, she's out! Thanks for the wishes.

Oh yea, eyeliner makes a lot of difference. I always get the feeling like I'm applying too much, but when I take a step back and look again, it actually looks alright.

I've been good, havent I? =P BBR, here I cooome!

And to both of you girls, have a blessed Christmas too! =D

plue said...

Hey Syen, hope your mom is feeling better! :)

I love my eyecurler! A great pick me up! And blusher and a good lippie!

Mascaras can come in when I have a little extra time, and e/s? I use them when I have too much time :P

Am not on the Rotoote bandwagon yet, and I better hope I don't! Else, I'd be broke!

Amy C said...


UTIs may strike again..i've had it a few times now.

but anyway, the best way to combat UTI is by drinking cranberry juice. if you ever feel like UTI is about to strike (common symptoms are having to pee very very frequently and it starts to hurt like crazy after, and maybe even peeing blood), then quickly go buy some cranberry juice. it works wonders, i tell ya!

anyway, hope your mum's all good now :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a lovely Rootote! :) Glad your mom's out and about - and I'm off to get me a drink... of water I mean :)

Syen said...

Plue: Yes she is, thank you! Mine would be blush, lippie and eyeshadow, in that order. LOL. As for Rootote, I'll stick to just one for now. =P

Amy C: Hello you! Yea, I agree, my mom's been having off and on for a while now. Cranberry juice, huh? Thanks for the suggestion. I shall hunt it down. =) She's ok now.

Paris: Thanks. And yesh, drink it up! =)

Petra said...

sorry about the illness. :( try to get cranberry tablets from the pharmacy if you can, they are way more effective (instantly take away the toilet pain) compared to drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice, which i can testify doesn't work as speedily.

can you recommend good eyelash curlers?

Syen said...

Petra: Ahh.. yes, Cranberry pills would be an option too, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion. =)

Good eyelash curler? I think Kahani and I can say this in unison - Stage eyelash curler. It's only RM35 and suits us both. She's raved about them before in our Stage bloggers meet post. =)

Petra said...

thanks syen! will order the sister to get one ahoy!