December 29, 2008

Tagged: Friendship awards and survey

Thanks to Beetrice for tagging me. I warn you girls though I have little ability to answer a series of personal questions soberly. So take everything with a pinch of salt!

Here we go!

where is your cell phone? Charging by the bed.

where is your significant other? Hmm.. good question. Lemme go check the man-trap in my yard. Brb!

hair colour? Dark brown shading to black

your mother? Playing computer games in her room. No I'm not kidding. She IS!

your father? Downstairs watching melodramatic Hokkien soaps.

your favourite thing(s)? My two bookshelves and everything in them, and my makeup chest too! Yes, yes I cheated and added the (s)

your dream last night? My hair decided to organise a rebellion and take over. It was winning too.

your dream/goal? (new answer 'cos the last one was actually Bee's! I missed this question) To wake up with bigger eyes.

the room you're in? Bedroom

your hobby? Reading. The rest is subject to change.

your fear? Driving in Kuala Lumpur. Yes I really am terrified of it!

where do you want to be in 6 years? Alhambra, Provence, Salento, ANYWHERE but here!

where were you last night? Having dinner with Syen at The Curve after a mad shopping spree at Daiso. LOVE that place!

what you're not? Angelic. *grins*

one of your wish list items? An apartment of my own, with a walk-in makeup and dressing room.

where you grew up? Oddly, although most of my life has been in PJ, the first place that popped to mind was University Malaya. Was born in UH, spent 2 years living in UM, and a lot of time there afterwards.

the last thing you did? Met someone for dinner at 1U

what are you wearing? A black and white bandeau sundress with a pattern of butterflies.

your tv? Don't have one. It feeds on your braaaaaain!

your pet? Two bouncing beagles. One bouncier and cuddlier (Rocky) than his more sombre buddy (Toby).

your computer? A Mac iBook G4

your mood? Getting slightly annoyed at the unending list of questions.

missing someone? Yes.

your car? Outside. Hiding in a bush.

something you're not wearing? Uhh. Shoes?

favourite store? Borders... and now possibly, Daiso!

your summer? This is just silly.

love someone? Not counting family, friends and pets... nope. The man-trap was full of minnows. Had to toss 'em back.

your favourite colour? Like Beet... Purple!!

when is the last time you laughed? 20 minutes ago. I think.

last time you cried? This morning. Emotional sort, aren't I?

are you a b*tch? Of course.

favourite position? **** ********* ***** (censored for PG13 rating)

favourite past time? Reading, or I must confess... primping.

are you a hater or a lover? Oh please. It changes.

are you genuine or fake? Too damned genuine for my own good.

any vices? Yes.

pro life or wire hanger? I take offense at the phrasing of this question.

mccain or obama? Well, Obama won. The point is moot.

pro plastic or natural? Eat more coconuts! (Hey, ask a stupid question...)

dream job? Getting to travel, experience crazy wonderful things, and writing about it.

At last! It's done! And as an act of kindness to the rest of humanity I will not spread this disease further. Plus, I have no idea who else I can tag.


beetrice said...

aww...thanks for doing the tag! i'm done with yours too! :) (on the personal site)

kahani said...

Lol, after doing this tag (which I did only because you were the one doing the asking), I resolved never to do a non-beauty tag again!! I got so pissed off and ranty over some of the questions, Syen was alternatiing between rolling around laughing and calming me down.