December 29, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

Hey girls, I'm back, kudos to Syen for holding down the fort brilliantly.

I, like several other beauty bloggers (like Connie and Beetrice) have fallen helplessly in love with Daiso. It's retail therapy heaven! A mad variety of beauty stuff, household, organisational fun, and all for a price that won't make you cry after. Expect my next few posts to be very Daiso peppered! (Thanks for the heads-up on this place, Beet!)

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I adore, ADORE Benetint. I didn't like it at first when I got it, thought it was blah, but I found myself reaching more and more for it. Unlike Posietint it's not a "look" on me. Instead it's a natural-rosy look I can layer over, or leave as is. And it lasts and lasts. I also find it a good deal easier to blend than Posietint. (PS. I've been watching BBC's Pride and Pred and Benetint gives that exact natural English-rose flush the Bennet girls sport).

Warning: DO NOT set tacky liquid foundation with Silk Natural's Tinted Oil Control Primer. You WILL turn orangey brown, and will have to wash it all off and start again. Boo!

I wandered into Shins at Cineleisure yesterday and had an absolutely glorious time poking around. Among other discoveries (like an amazing selection of false eyelashes, one even looked small and natural enough for asian eyes hmm...), I found that they carried Bloom cosmetics! Anyone have any recommendations?

And finally, after years and years of hankering after the Purseket, I bought a Bag Organiser in light brown for RM29.90 at the flea market outside Cineleisure. Big thanks to my new found bag si-fu, ParisB for her great review!


Askmewhats said...

Ohh You got yourself a Purseket! that looks lovely! I like it too when I saw Paris' post about that.

We have a super Small Daiso shop here in the Philippines and I'm addicted to it too! We have another one called JAPAN HOME and I understand how good it feels if you step into the store :)

Syen said...

LOL. She went shopping mad in Daiso, I had to work. =P

And you girls wouldn't believe this, but while she was waiting for me at this little place we normally meet for dinner, she had whipped out her bag organiser. I found her in the midst of MAJOR organising overhaul. LOL.

And then she was introducing me to each and every item she bought, laundry bag and all. It was quite hilarious. See??? Retail therapy DOES work. =D

Tine said...

Bloom lip glosses are pretty good. I'm not sure if they stock the clicky-pen-types in M'sia, as they've (unfortunately) discontinued it here. Those I like.

There's this single eyeshadow which I like too, called Pewter. Great for smokey eyes :)

kahani said...

Nikki: So far I like it! I wish it was made of a slightly lighter material though as the sturdy stuff it's made of makes it a tad bulky. But hey this menas it'll last nad last.

Syen: =P

Tine: Ooh thanks, will go check out the counter in more detail.

ParisB said...

Isn't that bag organizer a treat?! I bought it in the same shade too - and I would be happier with it in lighter material too!

Janine said...

Oh, that English-Rose beauty... I hear you about Benetint! I don't get a chance to use it often enough on account I'm always rudely doing my makeup in the back of cabs as I'm running late for an appointment. I smell a New Year's resolution there... ERK!

Happy 2009, Loverly Kahani! Such a pleasure to have made your blogosphere acquaintance this year -- you've helped make my experience richer, thank you. Hope the New Year brings you even more wonderfulness than you think you could handle!