December 31, 2008

Yummy Cherry Lips

All you ladies must have experienced this sometime. You know how some days you just don't feel like wearing makeup? When you're not in the mood to be slapping on stuff?

Like say if you're on a day full of errands, and you just want to dust on some powder and go. But you also need something to make sure you don't look too pale?

I would know, because it happens to me pretty often. And so I'd like to introduce you to (yet) another one of my lipbalms - Nivea Lipcare Cherry.

Those of you who know me, will know that I sometimes have very pale lips. Sometimes. No idea why. I've had people walk up to me and ask me if I was sick before. Yes, it can be THAT bad.

So to avoid incidences like that, this Cherry lipbalm is my usual go-to.

Swipe one layer and it gives my lips a very light cherry tint. Swipe on a few layers and it can actually look quite red. It does brighten up my complexion and makes me look like I've got lovely rosy lips. Anybody doesn't WANT lovely rosy lips? No? I thought so. =P

It's also balmy enough to keep those lips from chapping, and believe me, my lips chap very easily. No wonder then that I'm addicted to lipbalm!

I've also used this in place of lipsticks even on some makeup days. If it's tinted lips I want for my look, this lippie works great too.

(Before: Pale, pale lips.)

(After: Lovely rosy lips!)

Just a little warning though, for those of you with sensitive noses. It has a fragrance which I would describe as sweet. But Kahani says "it smells like the cough mixture I had when I was a kid". LOL. So take a whiff if you can. Just so you know.

This yummy cherry can be found at most drugstores for less than RM10 I believe, so it's wallet-friendly enough.

Other fetishes may come and go, but lipbalms are for keeps. =P


Jenn said...

ah, this is such a lovely tint for your lips!! So cheap somemore ya!! :D

I also love wearing tinted lipbalms for those no makeup days! It certainly gives more "life" to my otherwise pale face! hehehe!!

Happy New Year to the both of you ya!! :D

Askmewhats said...

Happy New Year Syen and Kahani!!!!

I love lip balms too, I am too lazy most mornings and I always love to reach out for tinted balm :)

Janine said...

Happy New Year, Syen! I'm having a counting-my-blessings day, and one of them is getting to know So Loverly you and your chum. It's a big bloggoworld out there -- you've made it seem a bit cozier for me, thank you. Again, Happy '09 -- hope it brings you all things bright and beautyfull! xoxo

Syen said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR you lovelies! =D

Jenn: Thanks Jenn! But yes, this would fall under cheapie but goodie! LOL. If you like tinted lipbalms, do give it a roll. (But you've got SO many lipbalms already! *hehe* )

Nikki: Tinted lipbalms are great. No need to worry about accidentally overdoing it. LOL.

Janine: Awww.. thanks sweetie. I'm really glad we found you as well! All the way from Cargoland too! LOL. Hope 2009 is equally wonderful for you. And keep up the awesome work with your blog. Me and Kahani loves it! =D

kahani said...

Gah! I wish I could stomach the scent of this. I just passed Syen another Nivea Lippie because I hate the scent & taste. Boo....

Jenn: Regretably I never seem to have no makeup days. I start out intending to. And then I start playing... and well, that's that. =P

Nikki: *hugs* for being you. =)

Janine: Ooh thanks for the kind words, sweetie. We really do love your blog, and you muchly. Have a good one and don't freeze over there in Cargoland!