January 01, 2009

Tomboys & Angels Fashion Show: My stint as a "makeup artist"

Happy New Year everyone!

Last Saturday, I was offered the insanely fun and slightly zany privilege of playing makeup artist to the Tomboys & Angels fashion show at Annexe Gallery.

Feeling slightly panicky at the responsibility I immediately rang up Beetrice, who although could not make it recruited the lovely and talented Connie from Skin Deco, who in turn recruited Carmen. And girls I gotta tell you, Connie was the STAR of the backstage show. She brought her own massive makeup collection which pretty much saved the day. She also did the most amazing looks which you can check out here.

More on the makeup looks I did after the jump.

Near as I can remember (getting old), I gave Sarah Ze (popstar) a Jem inspired look, Janet Lee (chanteause) into a Trannie with bad makeup skills, Michelle Gunasalen (activist & writer) into a campy pirate captain, and Lim Chung Wei (arts manager) into a silver and blue fairy!(pretty!). None of the pics are my own - I tend to forget to snap pics when I'm preoccupied doing something else. =P So kudos go to Connie, Lainie Yeoh, and Vincent Hor.

Sarah Ze

Janet Lee
(PS. I'm putting makeup on her, I'm not about to kiss her)

Lim Chung Wei

Michelle G

Three makeup artists (L-R): Connie, Carmen and Me.

What do you girls think of the looks? Fun makeup is a lot easier than I thought btw.


Askmewhats said...

awww great great job! It's really fun to do make up and I wish you all the best!!! :) More make up gigs to come! :)

kahani said...

lol thanks Nikki! But I really doubt this will ever be a serious thing for me. It's just fun for crazy occassions like this. ;)

Jenn said...

You girls did a great job IMHO!! it looks like so much fun!! hehehe!!

kahani said...

Jenn: Thanks girl! It was tremendous fun. If I ever get asked again, wanna join us?