January 22, 2009

Favourite Things: MAC #129 Blush Brush

The thing about brushes which I keep hearing people say is, "They're a good investment."

So bearing this in mind, I bought my first set of basic brushes from a MAC Holiday collection a few years back for about RM200-odd. And with it came the MAC #129 blush brush. And mind you, these were the first brushes I had ever gotten. They're really good for starter kits.

It made me feel just a little more like a makeup maven. *smugness*

Three years on (I think), and I am still incredibly in love with my #129.

Despite accumulating different brushes over the years, I find that I still reach out for my #129 the most when it comes to applying blush. Because I know it gets the job done, and it gets the job done well.

However, I did notice that my short-handled #129 was starting to get a wee bit scratchy and when I stared hard enough at it, I found that it had SPLIT ENDS. Yes, split ends. By golly, I never knew brushes could have split ends too!

So what's a girl to do but get a #129 back-up right? I went back to MAC, and this time I wanted to get the full-size MAC #129. I didn't want to get another set because 1) I already have most of the brushes which come in sets, and 2) I find the quality of the full-sized brushes very much superior to those in the holiday sets.

So I ended up walking out of MAC with a long-handled MAC#129, #217 and #228. Hehe, BRUSH HAUL! =)

And boy when I say long-handled, I mean long-handled. From tip to tip, it measures about 20cm. While I was initially a little worried that the long tail might get in the way, I am happy to report it did not and it took very little getting used to.

And isn't there just something about long-handled brushes that screams "professional"? =P

As for the brush itself, the pony-hair is very, very, VERY soft. It's definitely softer than the short-handled one, which I believe is made from pony-blend. I'm not tossing it out yet though, as it's still usable and definitely more travel-friendly.

I generally find the #129 great for applying the base colour, for the pop, and for buffing in the blush. So basically it's a great all-rounder blush brush. (However, I think I've found my #129 a great partner, which I'll be reviewing tomorrow.)

I also noticed that the short-handle brush is made in China, while the long-handled is made in Japan. No offence to anyone, but somehow "Made in Japan" assures me of quality.

I've only had it for about two weeks now, and I've washed it once. It did not bleed, but has shed a little bit. Nothing major, so I'm guessing it's the initial breaking-in. However, if the shedding continues, I will update and I will turn up at MAC looking very disgruntled.

After all, for RM130, you definitely expect some quality. But for now, it's all love baby!


AskMeWhats said...

oohhh MAC brushes, and you got MAC217!!! I love it! that's my ultimate favorite brush and I didn't feel bad buying them!!! It works wonders for smokey eyes!!! I want to try MAC129 :)

Jenn said...

MAC brushes are the bomb!! They're *relatively* cheaper than other counter brands but the quality is really good!! (can't say the same for the SE brushes though... maybe the fact that it's made in China does matter!! lol!!) :D

I'm still torn between the 129 or the 168 for blush!! i guess i'll wait for the new Brunette Blonde Redhead brushes to launch!! I'm definitely getting a brush or two from that collection! hehehe!!

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing I like from MAC its their brushes. I love the #129 from the travel set too. Funny you should mention the scratchiness - mine's starting to feel a wee bit too scratchy for my liking.

Syen said...

Hellooo everyone! =)

Nikki: Yea, I got "persuaded" into getting the #217 actually. Not that I regret it. =P I have been slightly curious since Kahani loves it, but I didn't intend to get it. Until the MA brought it to my attention. LOL. I haven't been smoking me eyes out yet so no chance to test the #217 for a smokey eye. My go-to so far has always been my trusted #275. Adore that one to bits. =)

Jenn: I really agree with you. I find MAC brushes very good (the full-sized ones, not the sets) for their prices. Compared to Shu for example, where the Pony #20 is *gulp* RM210. Sigh... but I waaaant.

As for the tussle between #129 and #168, don't get something which is too tiny for the cheeks. Between the #129 and the #116, the #129 won hands down for me. Happy hauling! =P

Paris: Yea, I love their brushes too. Hmmm.. I think their set brushes have a tendency to turn scratchy, but I'm crossing my fingers the full-sized ones will hold out a lot longer. I've had my #275 for a while now, but it still feels brand new. =)

Kahani said...

My travel set #217 has gone the way of my blush brush - split ends, shedding and scratchy. Boo! I love it so much though it's the one brush I'm considering replacing since no other blender seems to be as good.

Syen said...

Kahani: You should also consider the #275 babe. Really. It's my go-to for washes and blending. (Although now that I've gotten the #217 I'll be playing with it more.) =P

Anonymous said...

Brush p0rn!! Me love!

I am so getting the #129 next. Wheeeeeee!! :D

Syen said...

Tine: And you got to play with it too, didn't you? LOL. That was so fun! =D