January 21, 2009

Rave: Beautilicious Victoria Palette - love at first sight!

From the moment I laid eyes on the pretty pink, and brown stripey palette, cooed over its adorable pink handbag charm and gasped at the pretty colours inside, it was obvious to all (Paris B, Pink Elle & Beetrice) I was completely smitten. If the wonderful Julie of Beautilicious had not given me this palette to review, I would have walked straight into Watsons, plonked down RM49.90 and bought one! My lips are also sporting Beautilicious' Glossy Jam in Pureberry Jam (RM25.90) layered over Benetint. But that's another review!

Read on to feast your eyes on the delectable palette, and for a breakdown of the shades.

As you can see the packaging really is something special. Reminiscent of Stila Palettes, it's very solidly made of cardboard and has magnetic closures. The design has the loveliest ornate look - redolent of old fashioned victorian sweet shops.

The pink and gold handbag charm is just ducky, and the Instructions printed on the inside ensure that you won't have to go looking for that piece of paper you just KNEW you had with you somewhere...


The three eyeshadow shades in a dark brown, shimmering copper, and shimmering beige complement each other perfectly. The dark brown is flecked with gold shimmer and looks a lot warmer in the pan than it is going on. I was a little worried and disappointed when I saw how cool and almost greyish it was.

Then I swept on the rusty copper adn got worried that it would be TOO red and rusty. But guess what? Layered over the cooler dark brown and blended they balance out and suit each other so well! The beige is a lovely highlight wash in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone.

The copper and dark brown eyeshadows are very pigmented, and in fact when I tried to layer the dark brown over the copper I experienced fall out throughout the day. Some particles even got into my eyes and I could feel it. However, I found that packing the dark brown straight onto my MAC paint pot (primer) held the brown shadow in place all day. And I could then wash the copper shimmer over it. So, this way works better girls! With the primer, the shadows lasted easily all day with little fading and no creasing.

Also on my eyes: Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Blackest Black, and Stage Standing Ovation Mascara.

The blush may appear small but ladies it packs a punch! I underestimated it the first time and swiped it like I do any drugstore blush. Fortunately I tested it on my wrist before slapping it on my face. Whoa mama, is this baby pigmented! So remember ladies, the merest touch of the blush brush to this will do you fine!

I'm wearing it in the above vanity shot, and as you can see it imparts a lovely apricot glow that coordinates beautifully with the shadows. The blush shade looks in the pan like punched up version of Bobbi Brown's Nectar, and it goes on quite similarly. If I had to compare, I'd say that Victoria's blush is a more intense, brighter version of Nectar.

There are few palettes that I believe I can survive an entire trip with, and this is one of them. From day time glow to night time glamour I believe this gorgeous 'lil thing will more than do the trick. In fact, the colours in this palette are eerily close to my "dream" Bobbi Brown customised palette.

Now, the only problem is to figure out how to stop using it so I can try out its sister - Alyssa (right)!

ps. Maybe ParisB will beat me to it. As I was reaching for Victoria, she was cooing over Alyssa!


Askmewhats said...

Kahani! so pretty!! The palette kinda reminded me of STila, I don't know why LOL But i think it's because of the design and the colors :) I love the EOTD you've done!!! :)

kahani said...

Nikki: Thank you sweetie! I think everything about it is somewhat Stila-inspired. Not the price though, thank goodness! =D

Natalie said...

The Victoria palette is lovely! May I know do the colours mixed together / fade into crease? Thanks :)

kahani said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for stopping by. When I layered the dark brown over the copper I did experience some fallout during the day. However, when the dark brown went under the copper I had no problems at all!

I also use Mac Paint Pot as a primer, and with it there was no fading, mixing, or creasing. Hope that helps!

prettybeautiful said...

nice :D they have really nice products at much affordable prices compared to stila. glad to know that its pigmented too

ParisB said...

Alyssa is love for now! I can't get the colours to show IRL though - argh! Am still thinking Victoria might be too warm for me. But looks great on you!

Syen said...

Phew-wit!!! Very pretty dearie... =D

Connie said...

goodness... I want the palette... huhuhu. i wanted it from the moment I saw it but I'm trying to tahan until after CNY and buy it with my ang pow money!

thanks for the review!

kahani said...

Aww... at least it's not crazy expensive, Connie and worth every penny. =)

Tine said...

Beautilicious always reminded me of Stila. Very pretty stuff they have. That colour looked great on you :)

kahani said...

Aww thanks, Tine! =D

And thanks for spamming the blog with comments. So good to have you back online girl. Although seeing you in person was awesome-er. Wish we could have met up again!