January 19, 2009

Monday's beauty bit: Spring '09 Trend - Colourful, artistic yet wearable

Monday's beauty bitS is on a temporary hiatus because, quite frankly I've run out of bits! So instead you're just going to get one big bit - an observation on the overwhelming trend I'm seeing for Spring '09 - colour. And lots of it too.

From Bobbi Brown to Stila, all the collections appear to be focusing on colourful eyeshadows, encouraging you to play with them, and bring out your inner 'makeup artist'. I have a suspicion that the inspiration for this trend may lie with the increasingly popular following makeup mavens like panacea81, doe deere, xsparkage, petrilude, and temptalia have been enjoying with their wildly brilliant (and beautiful) eye looks. Read on for collections, a discussion, and ideas on how to rock this trend.

The makeup gods understand that not all of us have the looks, pizzazz or even ability to pull off those looks. So this spring is all about bright, wearable, fresh and approachable colour. And so far, to me, none of the collections capture this idea so well as Smashbox.

Yep that's their model heading this post and isn't that look breathtakingly gorgeous? Go here to watch their video on creating a purple and blue look for the eyes. The amazing thing is how pretty, natural and well.. wearable these looks are!

Sadly, Smashbox isn't available here in Malaysia, but a close second to the Muse Palette, in my opinon, is Stila's Precious Pearl Palatte:

Reigning blush queen, Paris B, likes the look of this palette, and I must say I do too. The pinks look cool and wearable, the green and golds are spot on for this season's colours, and the dark blue liner shade would be great for adding depth and contrast to all the colours. Temptalia also has the low-down on this product.

Jumping right in the trend is the unexpectedly trendy Clarins (I usually think their makeup collections are of high quality but blah in terms of inspiration)

Teal is another colour that seems to be coming into play. So cooler toned girls, if you find the warmer shades of green don't become you give this shade a try. I love what Clarins has done with their model, the blending of colours together is truly lovely and reminds me of Monet's waterlilies. Check out the rest of the collection at Beaut.ie

Even Nars (the unobtainable and unaffordable) is getting in on the action with their pretty pastel-coloured collection:
And finally, there's the controversial Bobbi Brown Brights Palette:

While spot on trend, I'm disappointed not to see any looks created by her fro this palette. I really was expecting her to do something special with this, but sadly, nothing yet. So this odd-palette-out will have to hang around being compared to Coastal Scents 88 palettes and the like.

So, how to wear this trend? While all of us would love to dash out and buy one these lovely palettes, why not stop and go shopping in your own stash. I rootled around a bit and unearthed green, purple, and even teal shades I've never really worn.

For everyday wear, taking a cue from Smashbox, you can blend one statement colour with a more neutral shimmery brown, taupe, or grey to make the look more wearable. Also blend it out to a wash of colour that appears almost water-colour in nature. Another idea is to use one colour in the crease, and a matching or contrasting colour on the lower lash line. Again, muted, blended colours is the key to getting away with this look in broad daylight.

What do you girls think of this trend? Going to seize the chance to play with colour?


ParisB said...

Ah but I already do wear lots of colour on my eyes most days :) Nice round up although I have to agree with you about Bobbi - still no looks with the mega palette.

kahani said...

Tee hee. But have you tried contrasting your dominant colour with a more neutral tone?

Askmewhats said...

I'd shop in my stash then! LOL I have the CS 78pcs palette and I think I'm ok with it..FOR NOW :)

kahani said...

Nikki: *grins* Yes that should 'do' you for 'now'. =P The truth is I've always been reluctant to buy that palette because it will negate any excuse I have to buy anymore! =P

Syen said...

Muahahaha.. I don't HAVE any Coastal Scents palette. So therefore I have every excuse to buy MORE. =D


Connie said...

I'm excited about the spring trend! <3 colors. But then again, I wear colors regardless of the trend :-/

kahani said...

Connie: But when it's in trend it means there are MORE products you like to buy! =P CNY ang pows this year already pre-spent huh?