January 19, 2009

Voucher for 50% off ~H2O+ 5-Piece Set (good things must be shared)

A bunch of lucky beauty bloggers (including Syen and I) were invited to spend an afternoon getting to know the ~H2O+ line of products. Yes ladies, after a 2-year Malaysian hiatus they're back in the country and they're better than ever.

And they've given us an e-voucher to pass on to the rest of you lucky ladies. Good for 50% off a 5-piece set that costs RM100. I don't have the exact breakdown of goodies you'll get but by looking at the pic, my guess is small travel-sized containers of (L-R) Oasis eye makeup remover, mystery tube (really no clue what that is), Spa Cooling Body Wash, Lip Oasis Plumping Gloss in Sheer Pink, and the famous Face Oasis gel moisturiser itself. All in a rather cute bag.

To redeem the voucher:
1. Click the image above and print it out
2. Write your name and IC number on the back of the voucher
3. Bring it in to any ~H2O+ stand-alone island or store (won't work for department store counters). These are located at 1 Utama New Wing, Sunway Pyramid, Mines Shopping Fair, Pavillion KL, and Guerney Plaza, Penang.

1. Only for use in Malaysia (sorry international readers)z
2. One voucher, one set, per person.
3. Valid from now (they assure me the sets will be in store starting today) for as long as stocks last.

Edit: As a favour to us, we'd love it if you'd also jot down that you obtained the voucher from So Loverly. =)

Read on for the brand's story and yet another in-store promotion!

The ~H2O+ Story

It all started with Face Oasis. ~H2O+ founder, Cindy Melk, tired of pore-clogging, oil-based skin creams formulated her own water-based, moisturising gel packed with sea-derived minerals. The popularity of that gel and the technology behind it led to her founding the company in 1989 and expanding the business to include products for skin, hair, body and even dabbling in cosmetics now and then.

The line promises oil-free hydration with whatever mysterious benefits sea-minerals impart. From personal use, when I was first introduced to the line 5 years ago, I know it's great for oily skin as it manages to hydrate beautifully without adding to the grease that my skin produces. However I was young and naive back then and will happily re-test the new jar they've given me and will dutifully provide a review in a month's time.

Interestingly, a jar of Face Oasis retails today for RM159 - exactly what it sold for 5 years ago. Which actually makes what used to be a crazy expensive gel moisturiser back then, rather affordable today. Interesting how inflation works isn't it?

And oh yes I promised another in-store promo. Well here it is!


心。葵 @ plue said...

so angry at my dad la yesterday! made me kenot go to the event! :(

huhu~~~ *wails*

kahani said...

aww *hugs* plue. So sorry about that dear.

beetrice said...

wow you're fast...my pics are still in the CD! :D

kahani said...

good deals must be shared! =D

Now to get down there and buy one before paris posts her voucher and all hell breaks loose.

prettybeautiful said...

wow looks so fun! i have never tried any of their products before though, but it seems to be quite popular in singapore where i see plenty of standalone stores in the shopping malls. did u girls get to try out the products?

kahani said...

Hey prettybeautiful, yes we did get to play around with everything in the store, and were given products to try. It's a pretty high-quality line to me. But I'm still testing the stuff so I'm waiting and seeing.