January 05, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits & Readers' Q&A

I have arbitrarily decided to combine the two into one. Why? Because I can! Mwahahahaa....!

Reader Bluu Martini asked about Mineral Foundations for sensitive skins... and then proceeded to rave about Maybelline Pure Minerals. So I'm not sure if this really is a question, or a sneaky PR trick. Still, I want to answer this, so I shall!

First off, most mineral foundations are indeed safe for sensitive skins. But just as there are people who are allergic to sunlight and water, even the most basic and inert of ingredients can prove too hot to handle for some. If mineral foundations make you itch, avoid those with Bismuth Oxychloride and/or talc, some girls are also allergic to high amounts of mica, and some break out from starch fillers like corn or rice powder. It all depends on your skintype.

About Maybelline's Pure Minerals (Or Mineral Power, as it is in PC US) foundations, I'd like to point out that while the powder foundation appears to be fine, the liquid version isn't actually a mineral foundation. It is a normal liquid foundation WITH minerals. And has the preservatives and non-mineral ingredients that other liquid foundations have. Read Makeup Moxie's reviews on the powder and liquid foundations.

Having said that, acording to Makeup Moxie, the powder foundation is a perfectly decent foundation with a fresh finish and buildable coverage. But neither of the formulations are good for oily gals, which instantly rules me out. So in conclusion, give it a go if you like - but if you have sensitive skin, I'd give the liquid a miss.

Read on for a few beauty bits!

Girls lamenting the loss of Kanebo Freshel White C cleansing oil can cheer up. Both Syen and I spotted and bought bottles of the stuff as Sasa for around RM40. Apparently it's been repackaged.

Plue has me seriously lemming Etude's dual fiber cheek glow brush. Any brush comparable to Mac's legendary duo-fiber 187 brush for RM40 is a MUST have! Anyone else a fan of this brush?

Also, I found an online source for Malaysians and Singaporeans to buy the coveted Urban Decay Primer Potion. SGDrugstore.com is seeling single tubes for RM75.90, and two tubes for RM125.90. Not bad considering regular parcel shipping is free. The site also has a small selection of Burts Bees and Queen Helene (overpriced).

Syen has me on a strict makeup budget - only RM250 a month! How will I ever survive? "It's for your own good," says she right before asking me what NYX Round Lippies I want. Evil woman.


AskMeWhats said...

"even the most basic and inert of ingredients can prove too hot to handle for some..." --- WELL SAID! I can't help but nod my head!!! This is a great post! I'm sure a lot will benefit from your answers ! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing those tips and "bits"!! hehehe!!

SGDrugstore is selling the UDPP even cheaper in lowyat.net! He's selling it at only RM63 with free pos ekspress! I'm definitely getting myself a tube when i go back! hehehe!! :D

Awww.. I'm sure Syen has your financial welfare in heart when she said that!! hahahaha!! i don't think i can survive on that amount too!! >.<

Jenn said...

eh i made a mistake, the UDPP is RM63 with free pos daftar, not pos ekspress!! sorry huh!! hehehe!!

Kahani said...

Nikki: Thanks dear, I certainly hope it helps. =)

Jenn: Ooh thanks for the tip. But to be honest I have no idea how to use Lowyat.net for online shopping. Clue me in please?

Jenn said...

hehe okok!! It's really simple! You goto the Garage Sale thread in the lowyat.net forums... usually the beauty items for sale is listed under the Stuff for the Ladies thread. Click here for all SGDrugstore items or you may want to check out his ready stock thread (which has the UDPP) here. :)

Usually what we do is we leave a message in the thread or PM the seller if we see a particular item we want. Then after finalizing the price and stuff, we will bank in the money to the seller, either via the Cash deposit machine or online transfer. After paying the seller, do provide the seller with the payment confirmation and your address. The seller will then send the item to your house lor. :)

Do remember to read through the seller's terms and conditions! :)

I know this sounds risky - that is why it is important to find a reputable seller with lots of feedback! :) I hope that helps! hehehe!! :D

Syen said...

Kahani: OI. You thank me then whine on the blog??? =P

Anyway, just to clarify, Kahani was complaining about overspending so I suggested a cap amount. She said RM400, I said RM200, and we BOTH AGREED on RM250.

And it doesn't apply on birthday months either. See? It's REASONABLE.

Only until you have enough surplus. Then splurge as thy wisheth. =P

Kahani said...

Jenn: Ooh thanks! That was an amazing explanation. =D *waits for birthday month*

Syen: The whining was you giving me a cap THEN asking me about NYX lippies.

Anonymous said...

It's so great that you've got a girlfriend putting you on a makeup budget. Much better than a husband putting you on one. At least with a girlfriend, she'll understand the odd slip-ups :D

Anonymous said...



Wait, repackaged you say? Aiya, better go stock up just in case they discontinue it.

aichaku-愛着 said...

oh golly gosh!!!! thanks for the SGDrugstore link!!!! *excited*

Kahani said...

Tine: Since my Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 is running out, I may already be begging for an extended budget. Or for it NOT to be included in the budget - since it's not makeup, it's a NECESSITY! LOL, don't freak lah, they repackaged it meaning they plan to keep your Kanebo Freshel C a-goin.

Aichaku: Thanks for dropping by! Check out Skin Deco (over to the right in our blog links). Connie just posted an awesome review on SGDrugstore (or more like the one-man show running it, Ryan).

Syen said...

Tine: We thought so too! No more Freshel C, I mean. But then we found it in Sasa, both in KLCC and Mid Valley. So I believe they now have the repackaged version. It's RM40 odd, with 10% discount when we got it, so it was just under RM40. Yay!

But well, since you're not here all the time, yes! Better stock up! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kanebo's Freshel C line was repackaged (& perhaps reformulated) some time ago. I myself first noticed the new packaging when I happened to be in Parkson Sunway Pyramid.
Sorry bout the false alarm last time.... *sheepish*