January 03, 2009

Guest Review: Benefit's Mascara Gets Eli Bent out of shape

Yes, I'm afraid I really did just perpetrate that godawful pun. But.. but.. the mascara's called Get Bent Lash.. and Eli hates it... so, how could I resist? Oh ignore me, and read on!

Has anyone flipped through the British Vogue’s December issue? If you haven’t, you should. It’s very thick, very lovely and has a few good articles in there. I would have bought it if it wasn’t for the AUD 20 price tag. Happily, my sister bought a copy so I am hijacking it when I visit her in a few days.

I ended up with the Australian Vogue instead. They are giving away free tubes of Benefit’s “Get Bent” mascara with each copy. Reading material and makeup for AUD 7.95? How is a girl to resist?

On hindsight, I should have resisted.

“Get Bent” is Benefit’s version of a push-up bra for eyelashes: it’s supposed to lengthen, lift and add more oomph to eyelashes. The reason why this mascara is called “Bent” is because the pine cone-shaped brush is bent to allow better application to one’s eyelashes.

I dislike this mascara so much; I am having trouble deciding where to begin.

Angled mascara brushes are supposed to make life easier for those of us with large rounded eyes. The “Get Bent” brush makes life a lot harder. Trying to get an even application is near impossible with the tiny bristles while the combination of a huge brush head with an angle makes the brush difficult to handle. I actually ended up getting mascara on my eyelids – something which has never happened before.

The mascara formula itself does a pretty good job of lengthening eyelashes and of holding a curl for a few hours. I could feel my lashes brushing against my glasses when I slipped my spectacles on. However, any attempt at Bambi eyes with “Get Bent” would be spoilt by excessive smudging and flaking around the eyes within an hour of application. The formula also clumps madly and the long lashes created by this mascara look spidery rather than au natural.

Luckily, “Get Bent” washes right off with some warm water and a bit of cleanser. Halloween passed too long ago for me to trot around looking like a zombie.

Verdict? Stay far away, girls. Unless you like going around looking like a ghost from a horror flick. (Kahani: Or like Cullen? *grins*)


Jenn said...

Hahahahaha!! I laughed so hard at the pun!! Who would've thought of that!! hehehe!!

Yikes!! Smudgey mascaras are horrible!! I'm glad you got it for free!! If i were to pay for this crap i think i'll kick myself really hard!! :S

Syen said...

Kahani: *growls* The Cullens are picture perfect. THEIR lashes need no mascara.


Kahani said...

Jenn: Oh honey, you really should not encourage me like this...

Syen: And the mascara won't be on their lashes. It will be under their eyes. Making them look all undead and sleep-deprived.

AskMeWhats said...

Kahani :) LOL :) Maybe..i can "try" to make you use it still? Try to use this then top it with a waterproof mascara? And see if it still smudge? I have a CG Lash Blast that's NON waterproof and you know how those get in tropical countries like ours, I top it off with a waterproof mascara and it stays well..plus it's easy to remove at the end of the day :)

Kahani said...

Thanks for the tip Nikki - it's actually Elizabeth's mascara. But I'm sure she'll appreciate the tip =) I can see how a volumnising waterproof would pair well with a lenghtening and lifting formula.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible pun.

Nikki, thanks for the tip. But the mascara makes my eyelashes terribly spidery though. =/