January 12, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

I remember seeing the MUFE concealer palette on Nikki's site, and thinking, what in the WORLD do you use the orange shade for? Well Leesha of xsparkage posted a video on using orange lipstick (of all things) to conceal undereye circles. Anyone tempted to try?

Thanks to the up-to-date Connie of Skin Deco, I found out about the new E.L.F Studio line. Having met this blush / bronzer duo in person, and compared it to Connie's Nars Super Orgasm (it's matter and peachier but as pigmented), I can definitely say it's a GREAT buy. Thing is, they don't deliver to Malaysia. Thank goodness for SGDrugstore Ryan on Lowyat.net. His next E.L.F spree is in Feb.

Sadly, Olay Regenerist Serum gives me little whiteheads in just two days of usage. Not going to do a full review, as I can't use it long enough to pass any judgements and the breakouts are probably due to its high dimethicone conent. Boo!

Plue has me totally lemming Etude House's dual-fibre cheek (glow) brush with her review! Argh! At least at RM40 the damage is minimal. Thanks for the great review, girl!

To my heartbreak and dismay, The Body Shop is discontinuing my beloved Pink Grapefruit line of products! WHYYYYYYYYY???? Anyone know of any other great pink grapefruit lines?


AskMeWhats said...

I find myself going for the orange concealer before I pat on the light concealer! It could be true! LOL I am still mixing and matching and see what's the use of each color!

So sad to hear that your favorite TBS Pink grapefruit will be discontinued... I'm sure they'll be lines out there that could be dupes..but I could be wrong :)

Have a great week ahead Kahani!

Jenn said...

I'm looking for an orange undereye concealer too!! I heard MUFE is now available in Penang... i can't wait to check this one out! :D

Connie got me lemming for the ELF luminance powder! I can't seem to find it here though! :(

Yikes, i hope you can stock up on all your favourite pink grapefruit stuff!! I like the scent too!!

Petra said...

i don't know whether olay regenerist carries the same ingredients, but olay complete makes me break out in whiteheads. on my cheek and nose and chin.

i usually only break out on my nose.

a pity, as it has spf 15 and makes a good makeup base for not being too oily and creamy. so i stick it on my neck like the bloody garnier pure A moisturiser which makes me red and spotty.

neither olay or garnier have anti animal testing policies, unfortunately. will stick to nivea soft or bodyshop aloe facial moisturiser with spf.

Kahani said...

Nikki: I'm currently begging karen of SN to dupe the scent. Wish me luck! =D In the mean time I AM trying out other pink grapefruit scents but to be honest, most of them smell AWFUL. I'd like to stock up, but the big body butter tubs are sold out =(

Jenn: SG Drugstore's doing a spree in Feb. Look out for it. =)

Petra: I really really hate not being able to use dimethicone. All the latest products are really banking on it and it does create a great finish. gah!