January 13, 2009

NYX Haul: Round One

Hehe. After reading and hearing so much about NYX, I think it's about time I finally got my grubby little paws on them.

Okay, actually I had no choice. Dear Bee shot us an email one fine day saying Cherry Culture was having discounts on all NYX products. What's a makeup addict to do but throw in her order, right?

And it was really hilarious how Kahani and I did it. We were both rushing for tight deadlines, but Bee's time-constrained offer was too tempting to pass up. And the addicts in us would NOT relent.

So we ended up juggling between writing our stories, browsing for products on Cherry Culture, then researching them on MUA, AND chatting on Gtalk to compare notes. It was a true test of multitasking skills, I tell you. Thank goodness we're women! Girl Power!!! =D

So read on for more haul piccies and the rundown of what I got!

(From left: NYX blush in Peach, Mosaic Powder in Cafe, blush in Natural.)

After being dubbed Blush Princess, how could I not order a few blushers for starters right? I had heard that the blushers were good, and after trying them out, I must say they do not disappoint. Love Cafe, especially. It works really great as a bronzer.

I also made an order of three eyeshadow trios.

(From left: 1. Copacabana, 2. Barely There/Champagne/RootBeer, and 3.Spring Leaf/Lime Green/Green Tea)

(Both Kahani and I ordered a RootBeer trio each after reading the raves on MUA. And it really is that good! Loves it! Especially the middle colour, Champagne.)

(I haven't played as much with Copacabana, so can't say as much.)

(The Spring Leaf trio is a nice basic palette for green eyes. I used this for a green and bronze look recently, and it worked out nicely.)

(The haul was supposed to have stopped with the trios, but at the very last minute, and no thanks to more raves from MUA, I ended with two eyeshadow singles too - Earthy and Mermaid Green. Earthy is a lovely lovely taupe, and Mermaid Green is a very pretty deep green.)

So there you go. My first NYX haul. I'm rather glad the photos stayed pretty true to the actual colours of the products. What do you girls think? Quite the hoarder, aren't I?

And oh, by the way, if you're wondering why I named this post Round One... it's because I like the stuff I got so much, that I've already made another NYX order from Cherry Culture! LOL.

And this time, I ordered even MORE stuff. So wait up for the next haul post when it arrives.


What can I say? Makeup and books are my crack.


plue said...

ooh! lovely haul! i want to get more NYX! I am in love with their cream blushers!

oh dear, there goes my money... and my new year resolution :P

AskMeWhats said...

OH NO!!!! I know how you feel about the deadline of work and the deadline for make-up purchase! Hahahha I can imagine you 2!!! Panicky!!!

I love your hauls and great research skills! those are great ones! I own mermaid green and they are really really good! I've never tried the trios, I've bought only singles! :) But I love them all! I want to see round 2 soon!!!! :) Have you gotten a Concealer in a Jar? lol just asking

beetrice said...

LOL...I think I got a stitch in my side when you told me how you girls did the comparisons! :D

and you mean you ordered even MORE stuff from cherryculture?? o.O you already had the biggest chunk of orders among all of us!

Jenn said...

That's a great haul!! Me likey the blushers!! They look so lovely and smooth!!

Mind sharing how you order from Cherryculture?? i thought they don't ship to malaysia?

Syen said...

Plue: Hehehe.. NYX is my current crack. Oooh, wanted to ask you how's the cream blushers. You know, for someone who's so into blushers, I've never gotten cream blushers. Never thought it'd go well with my oily skin. Any thoughts on this?

Nikki: Thank youuu.. I love my haul too! =) Hehe..any chance of tempting you with the trios? And no, I didn't order the Concealer in a Jar. =P

Bee: I knooow. I tell you, you practically made us hyperventilate between the going through the products and trying to meet our deadlines. LOL.

And err.. *cough* yea. I got ermm.. more stuff. =P In my defence, Kahani's getting some stuff too! *grin*

Jenn: Yay! Thankeee.. I like 'em blushers too. I ordered even more of that mosaic powder. Well.. ermm.. four more actually. LOL.

As for how I'm ordering from cherry culture. Yea, they don't ship to Msia, so I'm getting them shipped to my friend's place in Sg. =P And hopefully he'd have gotten them when he comes back for CNY.

plue said...

I love my blushers! Other than a e/s whore, I am into blushers too! :P

I have oily skin also, I think it work fine. If you worry of it slipping off, apply with loose powder or powder blusher on top, that should do the trick. I usually apply loose powder only cuz the cream blusher is kinda pigmented! Adding a powder blusher on top might make it look too red!

Syen said...

Plue: Hey, thanks for the tip! =)

I'll see if I can work up the courage to try out the cream blushers one day. =P So far all my blushers are just the powder ones.

plue said...

ahahah~ i got liquid and cream and powders, hard to say which i like best though. :P

i'm glad i'm of help! :D

Engmin said...
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Anonymous said...

Great NYX haul! I can't believe it that on my trip to the US, I didn't go check it out *pull hair in frustration* :(

Syen said...

Engmin: Hello! Oh dear, sorry I didn't see your comment until now! =( Deepest apologies.

Anyway, on how to use cafe. I'll be more than happy to show you how I use it. I'll try to get it out as soon as I can. But a little tip is to just use it lightly as a blush (if you lean to the tan side), or to dust it under your cheekbones to define it, and then dust on blush on the apples of your cheek for a pop. Hope this helps! But I'll try to get a post out on this soon.

Tine: We almost always do that. Go on a trip, and then not check something out because we didn't know better. =(

But on the bright side, Cherry Culture ships to Australia! Lucky you! =)