February 20, 2009

Aussie Haul II: Makeup Madness!

Hey girls! After showing you what I got from Priceline in my earlier post, today you'll get to see the rest of the makeup stuff I hauled home from Australia. Goodness, it wasn't until I was taking the photos that I realised I actually bought quite a bit of stuff. =P

Also, you'll get to see what Tine and I were up to during our meet-up!

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Ooh.. not only did I get the EcoTools brush set, but I went back and got the foundation brush too (for about AU$8.90)! The brushes are really lovely and oh-so-soft! =) Can anyone guess which brush I started using first? LOL. 

Blush whoring! (l-r): Cargo Blu_Ray blush/highlighter, Cargo blush in Tonga and The Balm Hot Mama blush.

Rimmel lipsticks in Metallic Blast (left) and Metallic Seduction (right). I picked these up from the a Direct Factory Outlet in Sydney for only AU$3 each. =P

Ok, THIS trio I picked up on a whim for AU$3, because it looked so much like NYX, and I just wanted to know if it would perform as well. It's a brand called BYS, which I've never heard of. I got it in a shop called Gloss in Castle Tower I believe. But BAH, swatching it revealed that it's NOWHERE near NYX. And the casing is really flimsy. I think the transparent plastic is about to fall-off anytime now. Oh well, I got my answer. (In case you were wondering, it was all wrapped up so I HAD to buy it to try.)

And I got the bronzer for about AU$6-ish because it swatched on quite nicely. And the swirls really reminded me of Shiseido's Multi-Shade Enhancer. This one's called Heavy Glow. I picked it up on a whim, and now I'll have to see if I can actually work it. LOL.

TA-DA. Tub of Lucas Papaw Ointment.

L'Oreal's Chrome Shine in Starry Black. This is one GOOORGEOUUSS shade I tell you. From Priceline for about AU$13-ish. (Hehe, I HAD to get it, Tine!)

Tine and I on our first meet (and I HAD to have a massive zit on the nose. Sigh). Coffee after dinner! =) Sorry girls, geekchic banned me from putting up photos of her.

Second meet, where Tine met my Coastal Scents blush brush. LOL. And MORE coffee! I love that place, there's coffee EVERYWHERE. =D



PB said...

Wait a min... I have that same The Balm blush too! Given to my by a dear friend :D I love the look of Cargo Blu Ray. And you did good ;) LOoks like you and Tine had fun.

plue said...

ecotools brush! and cargo blushes! i want! oh syen, so much fun u had with Tine! :(

missed the chance to meet her...

beetrice said...

aiyaiyai...hehe...tine's been egging me on to go to melb ever since she moved over, but these are really cracking my restraint! :D

*note to self: start saving NOW!!

AskMeWhats said...

WOW! It's a great haul and meeting!! Ohh that ecotools brush looks really soft, I have a feeling you used the blush brush first? I could be wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Wei, can la, can post pics la, just pixellate my mug out, that's all. Paranoid freak, what to do? :)

What about the MAC stuff? Did you get anything from MAC in DJ when Tine got her Strawberry Blonde gloss?

Amy C said...

haa! you could've asked me about that BYS products first because i bought their eyeliner years ago and it was the most disgusting one i've ever used! they're a copy-cat of NYX by the looks of it..

and you and your papaw ointment! even *i* dont have a tub of it! i just live of the tubes because they're nice and easy in the handbag..

AND...soloverly is starting to take an effect on me coz i've been buying make-up on a weekly basis! i started with a whole set of mineral foundation set, then a mini haul from silk naturals, then i shopped online for a 20pcs brush set, then i dunno what..and the man is starting to complain!

ok i'll email you another day. i've said too much :p

Anonymous said...

BYS is a ripoff, isn't it?

I just got an Ecotools foundation brush too. I <3

Anonymous said...

more shows of ecotools...hrmph. want it so badly now...

Wow I didn't know rimmel is that dirt cheap in aussie...it's even cheaper buying there than here...

oh eye on max factor...i heard good reviews on it...

Syen said...

Hellooo ladies!

Paris: Oooh.. Did you like your Hot Mama? =P As for Blu_Ray, yea, I was coverting Kahani's so much that I decided to just get my own instead! =) And yup, Tine and I had a great time catching up.

Plue: Aww... she'll be back sometime again, I'm sure. =)

Bee: Tsk tsk... you SHOULD go visit her! And Priceline too! =P Yes, start saving now! LOL.

Nikki: Hahahha.. you know me too well, I think. Yup! I did start with the blush brush! Good guess! =) And yes, it IS very very soft... mmm...

geekchic: *tee hee* No, I was a good girl and didn't get any MAC there. Because I had managed to beg Kahani to help me get them HERE!!! =D Cheaper lah.


Syen said...

Amy C: How would I know you'd know about BYS? LOL. But anyway, thanks for the warning on the eyeliner, although I doubt I'll be getting anything else from them.

As for Papaw ointment, OF COURSE I had to get the tub. I thought I couldn't get it here. Brain was sending frenzy "STOCK UP!" signals. LOL. =P

AND... YAY!!! *muahahahhaha* I am so glad I'm slowly converting you. Email me (with pics) on what you bought! I wanna see! EVERYTHING! =D

Oh, let him complain. He'll get around to it. Hehe.

Eli: Looks like it. Eugh. Ooooh.. glad you likey the brush babe!=)

Traclyn: Heheh.. Sorry bout the brush temptation. =P

On Rimmel, well, they apparently cost AU$9.90 in stores, but the DFO was selling them for cheap, so why not? =)

What did you want to get from Max Factor?

Anonymous said...

Rimmel lipsticks are actually cheaper in M'sia than Australia. Not sure about the rest though.

And Syen, OMG you put up that brush photo!!!!!! Sigh ... that was some good brush :P

As for the BYS, yep, it's a knockoff of NYX. Check out the letters on the keyboard. Other than the Y, the rest of the letters are next to each :P

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that Anonymous comment was from me :P

Syen said...

Tine: Yea, I think Rimmel is still cheaper in Msia if I hadn't gotten them lippies from the DFO.

And OF COURSE I'd put the piccie up. It was SO cute! =P

And yeaa... I didn't notice that. Geez, such a rip-off.

Kahani said...

Helllooooo everyone! My long silence was not due to great jealousy over Syen's haul *grins*. I was just feeling down and out and needed some alone + sleep time. Got it and am back to normal.

Syen's quite the shopper isn't she? I just handed her the bag (yes bag, quite full too) of makeup I've acquired for her in her absence. She bought me my own set of Ecotools though! Thank youuuu babe! *hugs Syen, pets the sooooft pretty brushes*

Sooo good to have her back. And I have got to get up the guts to drive out into that hazardous landslide wasteland that is Ampang and visit her blush collection...

Anonymous said...

Oh well, I thought the Rimmel Lippie's you've got it from Priceline. With that price I thought it was cheaper than here. Oh well, I think Rimmel is the most affordable international brands around. At least it's trusted. Which DFO by the way?

Oh just informing you to try on Max Factor. I saw good reviews on it.

Syen said...

Kahani: WASTELAND?!?!? Wasteland she calls it. Sigh. Ampang is where KLCC resides in and WASTELAND she calls it. 0_o

And sides, only my hill is sinking, not the entire Ampang for crying out loud. The drama she puts forth just to drive into KL. =P Yes, you haven't seen my makeup collection in a loooong time have you?

Many MANY thanks for acquiring all that makeup for me while I was away babe! I will love you forever. =D

And you're most welcome on the EcoTools, knew you'd love it! Have fun! *hugs back*

Traclyn: Helloo! Ermm.. Me thinks it was the DFO in Homebush. Yea, must be it. And oh, I have tried Max Factor (one foundation at least), and yes, I did like it very much. =)

Jenn said...

ahhhhh... i want your blushes!! *droolsss*

looks like you two had a great time meeting up!! :D

Kahani said...

Syen: Well your hill's the relevant bit isn't it? Maybe I'll just wait for you to move into PJ...

Syen said...

Jenn: Heya dearie!!! *grabs the mop* hehehe..

We did. Now I'm waiting for you to turn up in KL so that WE can meet up! =)

Kahani: Heh. =P