January 23, 2009

(Another) Brush Haul: Coastal Scents

Since Christmas is now behind us, and the next one is still some ways yet, I will happily admit that I've been a bad girl. A very bad girl. (Let's hope Santa has a short memory.)

Because I've been hauling you see. From makeup to skincare to brushes, I've been busy hoarding my lovelies up. Like how a squirrel might hoard up acorn, you might say. =P

So when Kahani said she was going to make a Coastal Scents order and asked me if I wanted anything, how could I say no? I had managed to steer clear of 'em palettes (for now), but it was the brushes that got me.

Ok, so this is a teeeny brush haul, but a haul nontheless.

I found myself wanting the Italian Badger Blush Brush (because a girl can never have too many brushes either), and the Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush.

When Kahani received the haul, the brushes got her going "WHOOAAA" due to their sheer size. LOL.

Italian Badger Blush Brush (US$8.99)

I have no idea why it says Chisel Blush on the handle, but after going through the Coastal Scents site again, it is the closest in shape to the badger brush, so I guess it must be one and the same.

It is HUGE, and I'd say it could work as both a blush brush and a powder brush. It also measures about 20cm from tip to tip, which makes it about as long as the MAC#129. But the brush itself is bigger, as you can see in the pic.

(Lengthwise it's about the same as the MAC#129.)

(Comparing the two brushes, it's easy to see how big the Coastal Scents badger brush is. You can easily use it as a powder brush too.)

I've been reaching for this a lot too since I got it. Mainly to lightly dust on the blush base. It's a little big to apply the pop, but my MAC#129 has got that covered. I also use it for a light dusting of highlighter, and it's great for that too.

And o.m.g it is so soft. So silky soft I can't stop stroking it on my face, and on my palm. Seriously. For it's price it can't be beat.

And now for the bad news - it stinks. Or at least it DID stink. Until I washed it with my Johnson's Head to Toe wash. Twice. The moment I brought it home, I took a sniff and I could tell it smelled funny. And you're talking about someone who's nose doesn't even work very well, ok? Washed it once, and it still smelled a little weird. So I washed it again, and this time it smelled varnish-y (Kahani said it might be the glue.) But the foul odour cleared up once it was totally dry. Thank heavens.

So now that the smell is gone, and the brush is clean (didn't bleed, shed only a teensy bit), I loves it! Love it as much as my #129. In fact, I think they're a perfect couple.

Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush (US$1.99)

As for this brush. Sigh. I had wanted the Oval Fluff Shadow Brush thanks to Nikki's review. However, silly me had gotten the brushes slightly mixed up and I had ended up with the HUGE Oval Shadow Brush. *hehe*

But no matter. I love it all the same. For US$1.99, you really can't complain much.

To Kahani's question of "What on EARTH do you plan to do with that MASSIVE brush?", I find that it's worked fine for me to do a quick wash. I've even been able to use it to highlight under my brow. =P

The brush is really soft too, and fortunately, has none of that foul-smelling offense the badger brush has.

And oh well, if nothing else, this sable-hair blend brush is comes in a really pretty pink. And it looks good in my brush collection. So there.



Askmewhats said...

Hi Syen, awww..you mixed up the huge oval shadow brush with the oval fluff! I can't blame you! they all look the same on the site! But I love both, you're right about the huge one, it's perfect to highlight the brow bone area and I also use it to contour my nose :P Love both brushes!!!

Now now..the badger ones look tempting too! lol

Syen said...

Nikki: Yo babes! =)Yea, sniff, silly me got confunded. And yea, they DO look rather similar and the name's rather similar too. Oh well.. my bad. But then again, it means I have the excuse to get another haul? =P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the review on this one. I will definitely check out CS brushes soon! :)

Syen said...

Lootwagon: Hello! You're most welcome. And yes, do check them out. I hear the other badger brushes are pretty good too, although I haven't tried them myself. Thanks for stopping by! =)

Tine said...

I've read quite a lot of complaints about CS brushes, that they smell pretty bad. I reckon it's just the big brushes that do, because my small ones didn't smell. Hmmmm ...

Syen said...

Tine: So how? You planning to get it? Now that you've met it in person? =P

*tempting tempting*