February 11, 2009

Hallelujah! Nexcare 3M Acne Patches really WORK

When I first got wind of these, and for the life of me I can't remember where, I thought, "nah.. too good to be true". But online review like that of Supergirl's, and the great price of about RM4 for 7 patches at Watsons decided me on giving it a go.

That and the fact that I had two of those big cystic style pimples starting - on my forhead and chin - and would try anything short of exising them to prevent them from reaching maturity.

And hoorah! These babies actually work!

What they are
According to the Nexcare facebook page,

"This product was originally a medical dressing with 3M patented Tegasorb to absorb wound pus when nurses in Taiwan experimented cutting them into small pieces to place on their acne! The birth of yet another 3M innovative product: Nexcare Acne Patch."
Doesn't that just smack of "Eureka!" to you? I just love it.

Physically they are clear, slightly yellow silicone disks in two sizes (for this pack of 7 pieces).

How you use them
On cleansed and dry skin, before treatment products, moisturiser or makeup, place the patch stick-side down directly on the pimple you want to kill. Hold in place for a bit and it should stay on well enough. Apply treatment and / or moisturiser around it.

How well did they work?
Pretty darn well actually! I only used these at night (as a disc shape bump on my face would just be odd), and just one night was enough to greatly shrink the pimples down and have them on the run! Hoorah!

I also placed one over a pimple I had popped (yes, yes, I'm a bad girl) and this helped drain and heal it well overnight.

Where is it found?
You can find these in Watsons, and my guess is Guardian too (although I've never seen them there). There are intro packs of 7 pieces for about RM4, and there are full sized packs that are far more economical if you want to keep using these regularly. Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact number of pieces, or the price (sorry lah, getting old lah), but I worked it out and found the bigger packs to be more bang for your buck. But the larger packs were sold out at Watsons (what is with that place lately? Have you guys noticecd how poorly stocked its been?).

Update: The boxes of 36 patches are retailing at RM11.90


AskMeWhats said...

oh wow! I can't believe these works! I tried one from Beauty Formulas, I woke up losing them I guess they were on the pillows! LOL thanks for this! Gotta look at these!

plue said...

ah! i love this! but i think it works better for pimples that have already matured... at least for me~

it is just super good lor! but i usually apply moisturizer then only i put the patch on. you think that's ok?

Connie De Alwis said...

wee!! I got this too and I used it for my impossible-to-pop pimple. the patch managed to suck out the icky stuff but now I'm left with a scar :( My fault for squeezing. *Sighs*

Kahani said...

Nikki: these aren't the same as patches that have concentrated pimple fighting stuff. These SUCK stuff outta your pimple. gross, but satisfying. ^_^

Plue: It should be ok, but is it sticking well? And yep the closer the pimple to the surface, the better it seems to work. But I do like using it on pimples that are about to get big.

Connie: I'm as bad as you are. Thank god for concealer. ;)

plue said...

it sticks well, never came off my face for the whole night!

i like using on pimples that got that yellow dot aka pus, and it sucks everything out!

so fun! *i know i'm weird* :P

Lovely_Ldy said...

by the way, my pimple busting HG is terramycin!



recommended by an ophtalmologist, it's essentially used as an antibiotic cream for eye infections but it also works great especially on cystic acne. ;D

fail proof! an it only costs RM10 for 5mg at the pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

now, this is my MUST-GET!!! i am just bad bad bad at extracting pimples. btw, we use this as soon as pimples appear? or when they are maturing?

p/s: my dejavu dried up ....cnt try yr magic :(

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I want to try that! can't believe we can't get it in the UK! Want to do a beauty exchange ? xx

Kahani said...

plue: It is strangely satisfying isn't it? =D

Lovely lady: Thanks so much for the tip! Will definitely be looking into it. ^_^

Prettybeautiful: It seems most effective when pimples are maturing (or *cough* just popped *cough*)but I do use them on ones just starting if they look, umm.. juicy enough. It seems to stunt them.

zara: That can be arranged. =D

Anonymous said...

Found out there are 2 other packages for this. One with 36 pieces and the other was....can't remember. Watson's is selling the 36 one for RM 10 at the moment. It has various sizes in it.


Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh. Why didn't you review this a day earlier? Then I wouldn't be stuck in Sydney with three ugly zits and no Noxcare!

Kahani said...

Eli: I post to you?

Anonymous said...

I've asked Mum to include some in the parcel she's sending me next week. =D Thanks though!