March 26, 2009

Awesome find! Crabtree & Evelyn Cocoa Butter & Cardamom Tinted Lipbalm

Don't you love it when need and desire neatly converge combined with luck and affordability? See I had a bad reaction to something, I'm not sure what, resulting in irritated chapped lips. So I put a halt to all lip products for a bit and relied on tinted lipbalms - but I didn't have the perfect one (of course), and was on the lookout.

Then, the office party door gift turned out to be RM150 in Crabtree & Evelyn vouchers. SCORE! Sure the guys were complaining a bit, but I was one happy camper. So the next day I bounce joyously into a C&E store and pounce on their lotions on potions. Ok, lotion. It cost a whopping RM95 (I'll review it soon!). Anyhoo, looking around for something affordable to bump up the spend to RM150, I spot their tube lipbalms and snapped this lovely up along with its partner, Garden Mint Lip Balm for a fabulous RM35 each. For C&E, that's cheap!

Review of Crabtree & Evelyn Cocoa Butter & Cardamom Lip Balm
This really is all natural. The tint you see are minerals (mica, iron oxide and titanium), not dyes - and is has remarkable pigmentation (like a mineral lipgloss more than a tinted balm) and is even long-lasting. Now how often can you say that about a tinted lipbalm? The shade is a lovely muted neutral pink with red undertones and has a slight shimmer combined with a lotta gloss.

It even has full-spectrum SPF8 as it contains Titanium Dioxide, a great physical sunscreen.

The texture is thick but not sticky, and it is luxuriously moisturising with all the cocoa butter. It healed my lips after only two days of use. YAY!

It tastes delish - slightly sweet, but the smell. Oh the smell. Mmmm... like dark chocolate fudge. And not too strong or sweet either - I can't stand that. One whiff and I knew Syen would fall head over heels in loooove. (She did. She bought it immediately!)

I highly recommend this, it's so pigmented you can get away with just this and skip the lipbalm as well. Great for us gals dashin' around all day.

Review: Garden Mint Lipbalm
I thought I may as well review this one too since I'm at it. Now, I loooove mint, especially in lipbalms. But this one made even me go, "WHOA!". Fumes of menthol attacked my lips and nose and let me tell you, on chapped lips it stiiiinggsss.

Once my lips heal I'd like this balm if not for one thing. It's not sweet at all. In fact it tastes really like green, faintly bitter ground mint leaves. I feel like I've just chowed down on a clump. Some girls may like this, but I find the very green taste slightly disturbing.

It's also more slick than its tinted sister and slips off the lips faster. Still, if you hate sweet balms and adore a kick of mint, this baby is your baby.


Askmewhats said...

good find! I didn't know Crabtree & Evelyn sells glosses :)

kahani said...

Nikki: Me neither! And it's the only item in their shop I'd deem reasonably priced too!

Connie De Alwis said...

now you're tempting mee!!! eh eh Sunway got Crabtree? can we go raid? :p

kahani said...

Connnie: Hahahaha! I don't know dear, I haven't been to Sunway to shop in a long long time. We'll look for it, k?

Syen said...

Awesome review dear! Love your description of the lippies. =D

And yes, one whiff and I went "There's a Crabtree store next door. Let's go. NOW." It smells delicious! =)

meldee said...

gah really upset i missed the office party now. huff!

and yes sunway has a c&e, in the old wing. somewhere in the middle near the rink. it's next to naf naf or something.

kahani said...

Syen: LOL it was SO funny when you said that!

meldee: Aww... well there's always next year dear. And we never spotted the C&E although I think, for the sake of Connie's pocket, that it's just as well. =D

beetrice said...

hehe...I have the Garden Mint one! :D the 'crushed-mint-leaf' taste doesn't bother me, since the payoff is good..LOL!

kahani said...

bee: I'm starting to get addicted to it to be honest. Was thinking of amending the review - it's like peace of mind for the lips. =D