March 24, 2009

Review: Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher is a no go

I have been slightly obsessed of late with the idea of the portable blush that I can tote along for touch ups. At the end of a long long day, or even in the middle of one, the last thing I need is to look as washed out as I feel. What I want is something that will let me dispense with a seperate blush AND brush.

As such I've been eyeing Clinique's Quick Blush which has a brilliantly inserted blush in the cap of the portable blush brush. However when brilliance costs RM110 (YES that's how much they're charging!) I'm sorely tempted to get a portable brush and somehow glue a blush pan into its lid! When I read Zara's review of i-Blossom's cheek stamp blush, I thought that this format would be my solution. So when I saw that Etude House had the exact same delivery system I snapped it up instantly!

This is indeed literally a "stamp" blush. The sponge is spring-loaded! Although using this method to get the blush on your cheeks is somewhat fatal as I'll explain later.

The container is solid, and the stamp helps keep the blush cushioned and prevent shattering. This makes it ideal for tossing into your bag and toting it around as it's hardy. However, although it isn't large it is bulky. At 4cm in diameter and 3.5 cm high, it simply isn't a great size to tuck into ANY part of your makeup bag. Or even bag at large. This makes the idea of carrying it around less feasible.

The formula and colour (aka the Boo)
Where this blush truly disappoints I'm afraid, is the colour and formulation of the product. When using this sort of delivery system, the blush should ideally be sheer, and in a nude shade with a naturally luminous (not sparkly) finish. This blush is crazy pigmented, matte, chalky and comes only in CANDY shades. I chose Happy Peach (Shade 5) thinking it the warmest and most grown up of the available shades, and it stilll doesn't work well!

As you can see, the blush leaves a clear matte, dolly-coloured circle! Now I know Korean girls, and the Muse herself, love kawaii, cartoony sweet looks, but I don't! I want to glow, not look painted!

Even when I do my best to use the blush with the lightest possible touch it still requires hard rubbing to blend out - which musses my underlying makeup. Also even when blended out it doesn't look like a natural glow in ANY sense of the world. Using a brush to apply this blush also doesn't help.

I'm afraid I'll have to chalk this one up as a failure. At RM39.90 it isn't a very expensive failure, but no one likes disappointment. I'll continue to try using it as a pop of colour over bronzer just so as not to waste the product. But it has completely failed the reasons I bought it in the first place. Boooo!

What's your favourite on-the-go handbag blush? Please share, I need to find one!

Update 26/04/09: The great thing about blogs is the diversity of opinion you can find. One girl's trash may be another's treasure. Hit the link for a very different take on this blush by Paris B. =)


Jenn said...

I think i've seen the Sasa version of this (I forgot the brand), and they carry sparkly peachy colors! Maybe you can check that out! :)

My absolutely favourite to-go blush is the Loreal Blush Delice in True Rose. It's compact, has a decent brush, and the color's beautiful! It's cheap too! :D

Syen said...

Jenn: I couldn't agree more! I love my L'Oreal Delice in True Rose too. And it's amazingly hardy despite me toting it in my makeup bag everyday. =)

*high fives*

kahani said...

LOL Yes I've already taken Syen's recommendation. But bought it in Sandalwood. I'm eyeing True Rose though! =P

Eli said...

Australis has a version of this blush which I am eyeing. Don't think its spring loaded though: I'll send it over if it's nice.

I don't carry blush around but if I did, it either be my PF Cheek Palette or the Australis creme blush.

Faith said...

I bought a Puff Jar from Everyday Minerals and just poured my favourite blush in and voila! portable blush and brush. The brush pad is very nice! Soft soft!

kahani said...

Eli: Interesting... =D A cream blush wouldn't work on me with the amount of powder I use throughout the day. I'd get cake batter!

Faith: Ooh.. I has jar. I has blush. Now why didn't I put the two together? Does it work well? =D

Faith said...

Yes and no. =)

You can choose whatever blush to put inside, which is good.

I tried the wiping method but it will take off some of the foundation.

I tried the pat pat pat method and that works best, but ofcourse anytime you pat pat pat powder, there will be that little bit of fallout. So don't wear black. =)

I have only used them with lighter shades of blush. The more pigmented ones, I use the dual fiber brush to stipple on.

kahani said...

I was considering mixing the darker shades with SN perfecting powder so as to make them more umm... patpat friendly. ^_^

I'm sure Climax would be excellent for this too. Thanks for the idea, dear!

Angelica said...

Thanks for the review. I was thinking of buying this for a while now since it looked so cute.. but i guess i won't anymore!

kahani said...

You're welcome Angelica. If you can find a colour that works for you do give it a go. I'm just not someone candy shades look good on. ^_^

Lavender said...

I tried Stage blusher and it is lasting. they have many shades too. bought at Mid Valley - my colour is Heather - pink earth tone. Try it out - RM58.00.

Whitney said...

hi kahani, i love yours and syen's blog, but never have commented before...just wondering if you've done a review on SN's cream blushes (did you get them when they were a GWP?) i'm wondering if i should buy :)

kahani said...

Lavender: We've given Stage a whirl, and I think we liked it! Thing is with our insane blush collections we didn't spot a colour special enough to make us buy it. But we'll definitely be looking out. Thanks so much for the tip. =)

Whitney: LOL I placed an order JUST to get the Cream Blush in Loverly. And now I know they'll be sold on SN soon, I'm already planning a post. =D Thanks for finally popping out of the bushes, lovely to meetcha!

galleryibu said...

hi,, i have this blush too and i like it! but i still use my brush or sometimes my finger (if on the go) to blend the blush on my cheek