March 16, 2009

Monday's (Practical) Beauty Bits

Hello ladies! The short beauty bits today will focus on the practical aspects of staying pretty and avoiding getting yourself into a bloody mess.

If you have a bit of broken nail which is heading into your cuticle, be sure to use a band-aid over it to make sure the tear doesn't get any worse. I had the honour of learning this the hard way. Having a little broken bit of nail one day, I didn't do anything about it, mainly because I was out at that moment and because it didn't hurt. However, the broken bit got caught in a zipper of an outfit I was trying on. And it went right across my thumb. OUCH.

So dearies, next time, just stick a band-aid over it even if it doesn't hurt. It'll safe you a lot of trouble and a bloody mess. However, if you're like me, you'll hate have having that band-aid across your thumb for a while. Cos I feel like I've lost the use of a thumb. So what I've done is cut out a small section of the sticky tape and just tape in on my cuticle so it doesn't affect my sense of touch at all! I'm a genius!!! =D (Nevermind WHY it took me so long to figure this out).

And dearies, cut the whole damn broken bit off once it reaches the top of your err.. cuticle bed.

Apply lots of hand moisturiser before you start painting your room. Or polishing your parquet floors. Paint and floor varnish don't gel very well with oil, so it's a whole lot easier to wash off after. And moisturisers are so much more gentler on your hands than thinner is, right?

Also on moisturisers, if you're having a hair-frizz day with no anti-frizz serum at hand, I find body moisturiser or hand cream should be able to do the job temporarily. It doesn't work well enough to replace the need for smoothing creams, but it does help if you need something to solve the frizzies like right. now.

If you've got constipation problems (like me), drinking a full glass of water just before you need to go helps. I don't know if it'll work for you, but I find it works for me. Let's not go into details, shall we?

Any practical ideas you girls would like to share?


Askmewhats said...

Great idea on the hand cream for frizzy hair, i would usually just rub my hands together and the natural oil from my hand and the warmth of my hand helps with frizziness, happy Monday! :)

Syen said...

Nikki: Oooh.. I shall remember this in the event I have no moisturiser on me either! Thanks for the tip girl!

Happy Monday! =)

xenobiologista said...

There's a brand of hand cream called Invisible Glove that works nicely for dirty jobs. Bicycle grease is the devil to get off otherwise. (ugh, have to spring clean the MTB and dust the road bike off tomorrow...)