March 17, 2009

NYX Lipstick Comparison

(l-r): Round Lipsticks Iris and Eros, and Black Label Lipsticks in India and Fire.

In my recent NYX Haul post, Connie and our guest review, Eli, asked how did the NYX Round Lipsticks compare to the Black Label ones.

As I was replying to their questions in the comments section, it suddenly occurred to me that my reply had gotten so long I thought it'd make more sense to reply it as a separate post.

So, here you go girls! (and for every other girl who's asking the same question.)

In terms of pigment, both Round and Black Label lippies are rather pigmented. Each lippie seems to have individual characteristics, so it's hard to just group them together.

(l-r): Round Lipsticks Iris and Eros, and Black Label Lipsticks in India and Fire.

Iris is a little sheer, and perhaps not as striking as the other 3 coz of its shade, which is somewhat closer to my skin colour. In terms of finish, it has a slightly dryer look? Somewhat semi-metallic, if you can call it that.

Eros is very pigmented and has no shimmer. It's not matte, but neither is it full-cream either. Kinda an in-between.

India has no shimmer as well, and it's also a little on the creamy side.

Fire has shimmer and it gives a glossier finish of the four. Of the four, I believe this is my fave finish. =)

So there you go, a round-up of the Round and Black Label lippies. Hope this helps. Although I believe you're gonna have to hunt down the finish before deciding on purchase since they're all such individualistic lipsticks!


Askmewhats said...

Thank you for the post about this, I've always wondered the difference! :)

Eli said...

Are the Black Lippies creamier though?

Just realised that Circe makes me look like a ghost from Ju-on. Eek.

Connie said...

Thanks so much for this! And now.. I know... Lol!

Eli: Circe looks so good on me just because I look great *coughs* in pale lippies. Lol. Maybe you can try with dark smokey eyes to balance the look :)

kahani said...

Eli: I only have two round lippies and one black label and my best comparison is that the black label lippies resemble japanese and higher-end lippies (and the body shop's latest rose lippies) in that they feel weightless but apply lots of pigment and gloss. The round lippies are more like the 'normal' lipsticks that have a wax base. They also feel matter to me.

LyNn said...

i wonder what is the best selling shade of nyx round lipsticks.

haha cant aford the black label ones.
but guess what there's a 20% off now for nonperielboutique. is that how you spell it?

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Black label in India shade looks so sweet and yummy... :P

Syen said...

Nikki: No worries, babe. =)

Eli: As Kahani put it, they seem more emollient. Wouldn't say they are creamier per say though. And I think Circe would turn most of us into Ju-ons. How about layering it with something brighter? Hope it works. =)

Connie: No worries, babe. You're the one who got us started on NYX lippies to begin with. =P

Kahani: Spot on dah-ling.

LyNn: Oh dear. I have no idea. But from what I see on MUA, Circe, Pumpkin Pie, Indian Pink and B52 seem to be rather popular. For their price, I doubt it'll burn a hole in your pocket to have a go with a few shades. =)

Traclyn: And PINK!!! Sigh...

Eli said...

Thanks for the explanation! :)

Connie and Syen: Circe + smokey eye = underfed Dracula bride. I layered a red lippie over Circe and it looked lovely.

LyNn: B52 is the way to go. It's my perfect nude lippie for a nude face.

MisSmall said...

At first glance of the lipsticks, I thought India is really pretty. The swatch turned out to be nothing like what I had imagined though. Fire, on the other hand, is gorgeous! I think I'll like Eros too. :)