April 27, 2009

MAC Double Dazzle is HERE!!!

MAC ladies, here's a little note to let you all know that the MAC Double Dazzle (which I have been waaaating for), and MAC Rose Romance collections are out. They're not out on display yet, but they're there. Just ask the SAs to show you the goodies.

I've had a quick look through and so far, the Dazzleglasses which are dazzling me are Smile, Love Alert, Date Night and Baby Sparks.

I know these glosses are sticky as hell, but I think they're the only MAC glosses I'll make an exception for. (MAC gloss, I'm really not that into you).

Each goes for RM80 (yes, pricey too), but they reeeeally are dazzling me.

As for the Rose Romance, at a quick swatch, the blushers appeared chalky, so I didn't venture there.

For more information and details on these two collections, do look up Temptalia (whom I nicked the pic from), and the Lipglosseater.

Have a good week ahead! =)


AskMeWhats said...

wow..those colors are lovely!!!

Sue said...

wee! Not sure if it's good news for my pocket. :X

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing this Syen!!! :D I'm surprised at how quickly these two collections are launched locally!! MAC india seriously needs to HURRY UP already!! Gah!!! >.<

and ahhhhh... i want Smile tooo!! and goldyrocks! and Moth to flame! and Bare Necessity! and Like Venus! Ahhh i'm so dead!! >.<

Syen said...

Nikki: Ooh, believe me. THEY ARE. =)

Sue: Don't know about you, but it wasn't good for mine. =P

Jenn: I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish you were in KL you know. You're the only other MAC kaki I know off! Think of the all the MAC-romping we could do together? LOL.

I've had a good look again today. And I did get all four which I wanted. *skippity skip* =D

I also took a good look at Goldyrocks, and Bare Necessity, and Moth to Flame, and Money Honey, but I really can't afford so many. So I'm contend with the four I have now. =D But these four look really gorgeous too.

Syen said...

Oops.. it's "content".