April 27, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Hey loverly readers, I'd like to formally welcome our "Australian Correspondent", Eli. Formerly a guest reviewer, her regular, entertaining and fabulous posts have earned her a position as the president, vice president, and well.... everyone else.. of So Loverly's Australian Bureau. (Yes we expect her to cover the entire continent)

Once in awhile I get a request to review a BB cream, and well... much as I'd like to I thought I'd just post here about the two attempts I made at reviewing this product. Through swaps and samples with fellow bloggers I got my hands on Misscha, & House of Etude BB Creams. Both were used once, and my skin literally DRIPPED oil the rest of the day. And I can't bring myself to use it again. With only once use, I can't review it, but I just cannot use it more than the once. Hence it's a beauty bit. ;D

For long-haired ladies with oily scalps (like... me... ) another way of coping with drier ends is to use a leave-in-conditioner only at the ends. But be careful, as the conditioner can cause breakouts on your back and face if you allow it to come in contact before thoroughly combing it in.

Spotted in Cold Storage, Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel with Rose. I'm really tempted to give it a try - just because it's cheap as chips in its tiny bottle, and it's PINK. Has anyone else checked it out?

My apologies to those of you who've had to listen to my wailings, but for everyone else (is there anyone else? =P ) one of the greatest banes in my oily-skinned life is that I can't use oil control primers because Dimethicone breaks me out. Well I'm super-duper excited because I've managed to track down an oil-control primer that has NO 'cones - only Silica (which is a form of Silicone, true, but in an inert crystalline form which I know doesn't break me out). I haven't tried it out yet, it's in the mail, but for anyone else who has my problem and is looking for a silicone-free primer, take a look at Fyrrinae's Velvet-Gel Silica Primer. It's only US$5.50 and I cannot wait to get it!


Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear frm eli! great news for us your followers in aussieland! :)

Eli said...

Kahani: Dictator of all time works too. =p

Anon: Thank you! Feel free to recommend Aussie products to review.

Steph said...

*hugs* Me want hear more beauty stories. Preferably with both of us in coz that would mean we've been shopping together. I don't get enough of that! =( On a happy note, Congrats darl. =) Love your writing.

Kahani said...

Anon: You yay, I yay, we yay for Eli!

Eli: How about lord mistress of the heavens, land and sea?