April 16, 2009

Sold on false lashes thanks to iNuovi!

Warning this is a terribly cam-whorish post, but well, it's no often I have eyelashes to show off, so please forgive me.

I've been considering taking the leap and giving false eyelashes a whirl but never had the guts. Added incentive was provided by Steven Sunny, the makeup artist for my best friend, Mary's wedding. After he expertly applied false eyelashes on me I kept getting told "Oh you looked so lovely I didn't recognise you!" (Yup no one beats Malaysians when it comes to mixed compliments... >_< ) So when iNuovi offered to teach us how to apply false eyelashes on ourselves, I JUMPED at the chance. And guess what? If you just grit your teeth and do it, it really isn't that hard. I started with the half lashes (the one that's out of the box in the picture) and these I understand are much easier to apply than the full-lashed ones. I'll give them a try some day when the occasion arises. But even with the half-lashes, look at the payoff!

Definitely worth the effort for a special occassion.

Half-lashes are eyelashes that are designed to only reach midway across your eye. On my tiny eyes, these function like 3/4 lashes (which also exist). Because they are designed this way, they are much longer at the outer corners and taper inwards. These makes them look more natural than a full lash, but still dramatic in a cat-eyed fashion.

The more natural half-lashes I bought from iNuovi are the Prolash 05. At RM20 for a box containing two pairs along with a tube of really rather good glue, the value can't be beat. And affordable doesn't mean low-quality either. iNuovi lashes are designed with very flexible, sturdy bands. With proper cleaning and storage, I can reuse each pair up to eight times. Score!

I also decided to try a pair of drama lashes, the Prolash Ex 03 - a design we were told is a best-seller. I haven't tried these yet and fully expect to poke out my eyes in the attempt but ah well, nothing venture nothing gain. These lashes were a bit pricier, RM30 a pair. Since the iNuovi blogger event fell on a friends & family promotion day, everything was 40% off. It just gets better, huh?

ParisB has provided truly great tips for false eyelash application and I don't intend to repeat them, but here are a few more:

1. Instead of trying to line the inside of the lash band with glue, apply a dollop on the back of your hand, or a palette and dip the lash band into it lightly. Be especially sure to get glue on the outer corners of the band.

2. Wave it around and blow on it till it's tacky before applying it on your curled and mascara'd lashes.

3. You can still nudge it around gently until the glue has set. Try pinching your real lashes and the false eyelashes together to get them as close to each other as possible.

4. Look down until they're dry. You'll feel like something's on your eye for a bit, but don't worry this will pass!

Oh my, false-eyelash fever appears to have attacked beauty bloggers as a whole. Check out this incredible pictorial step-by-step tute created by Nikki on how to apply them. No way could I ever do something this awesome - this is a must read!

Hope that helps you be brave enough to give it a whirl. Do check up the other beauty blogger's false-eyelash experiences:

Note: If you, like me, have never bought iNuovi because the only place to find it was Sasa and let's face it, the salesgirls there are not only insulting and annoying - but outright stalker scary - you can find the iNuovi standalone store in Sunway Pyramid.


Askmewhats said...

Thank you sweetie for liking my tut :) Your falsies look wonderful!!! IT isn't whorish at all and it looks oh so natural on you!!!! If you have 10 guys lining up for you, now it multiplied by 10!!!! :D

kahani said...

Nikki: You're welcome dear it is an awesome tute. What? Multiplied by 10? Alamak! *gets a biiiiiiiig stick...*

Paris B said...

I love those half lashes - perfectly natural look yet glam if anyone gets my drift hehe... I Nuovi counter is also at Parkson Pavilion - I saw it one day. Thats for people who dislike Sasa (like moi!)

Sue said...

I like the "tail" of the falsies! Sexy~ :D

kahani said...

ParisB: Argh why can't they come to Curve or 1U? But yes hates Sasa HATES them..*hisses*

Sue: On behalf of the lashes, thanks babe. =D

Connie De Alwis said...

you look hot with them lashes!! I'm SO IN LOVE with my EX-03. I even used it for yesterday's tutorial and just like the first time, it was effortless to put on compared to a lot of other lashes I've used

KarlaSugar said...

Those are *gorgeous* and you look stunning, and I still recognized you. :-P

Those are half lashes?? Before I read that they looked "whole" to me... oy!

Thanks so much for this post — I'm in the same boat, tentatively wanting to try falsies for the first time but kind of nervous about it.

kahani said...

Connie: Thanks dear! Can't wait to try out my number 3's. Hey with my eyes maybe I can make 4 lashes out of them!

Karlasugar: hahahah Yes the benefits of being small-eyed. Half-lashes look full. =P Thanks for the compliment dear.

Connie De Alwis said...

Lol! Always on the spot with that sense of humor! *bats bigger eyes at Em*

Anonymous said...

sexy eyes yeah.... lov it...rina

Janine Falcon said...

You do look wonderfully sultry, Kahani -- I'm a fan of the lashed-up look. What's hilarious is that I did a false-lash post the week before, too! Lash clusters, which are way easier to apply and feel like nothing on the lids. LOVE. Now I have to go check Nikki's post... I'm so behind on my beauty reads!

prettybeautiful said...

sexeh sexeh! and i also wore them last sat n sun too!!! and will post the pics soon :D :D :D

yeay for falsies!

Tine said...

Fuyohhhhh! Hotness!!

I wanted to put on falsies for my cousin's wedding, but in the end chickened out 'cos I was just hopeless with it :P

kahani said...

Rina: Thank youuu!

Hey Janine, yes I did find it funny that we've all had a false-lash rash together. Haven't gotten around to lash clusters - but really the I Nuovi bands are so easy to use!

Prettybeautiful: Someone's REALLY sold on them huh?

Tine: Aww... don't worry we will send you these magic lashes that will make it all possible.