April 15, 2009

Sweet Stains: A series of lipstain reviews

While sorting through my lippy stash I was forced to admit that I have an addictiom to red lip stains. Whether they were actual stains, or glosses and lipsticks that look like stains, I have them and I love them!

They give a long-lasting and natural flush to my lips and cheeks. Not unlike what you see in a movie based on an Austen novel. Even if I want to wear another shade I often tint my lips first as an unbudgeable base so my lips always have some colour.So I'll be reviewing and comparing the following lip stains (one a week): Lipstick Queen's Medieval, Benetint, The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain, Silk Naturals Mineral Wand Lip Gloss in Rouge, and Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint in Shade 01.

I have done a review and comparison of Benetint and TBS Lip & Cheek Stain but I was a stain novice then. I'll be revisiting them and give a more complete, educated review.

Hope you'll enjoy our very first series!


Askmewhats said...

Yay, can't wait for the in depth review, and the next series! I think this is one product I don't own! I don't have stains because...I am too lazy to use my fingers to blend LOL :)

LyNn said...

im wondering whats the difference between a lip stain and lip gloss.
is lip stain more natural?
but it seems so so red. :O

Lisa said...

I love stains too but not on my lip. They just make me look like a drag queen. Can't wait for the reviews! Always on a look out for a good stain. :)

kahani said...

Nikki: I don't actually use my fingers you know. I paint only on the bottom lip then moosh my lips together. ^_^

Lynn: The formulas as completely different. You know what gloss is like so I'll tell you what a stain is. It's often (but not always) a light liquid or gel that dries swiftly leaving behind a sheer stain that can't be felt on your lips at all. It may be a bit drying since you have to use it before lipbalm, and because it dries so fast, but what you're left with are your lips, but redder. And they usually don't lick off, kiss off...etc and often survive meals. Oil generally does budge them though.

Lisa: There are sheer stains and darker stains. And often I mute down the stain with a nude gloss if I don't want such a bright lip, or I over apply. ;)

Jenn said...

I don't use stains on my lips because i'm afraid that they'll settle into the cracks on my lips since they're always dry!!

can't wait for you reviews though!! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

<3 Benetint but the packaging just doesn't agree with me! I'm too klutzy. spilled a bottle and broke another :x

looking forward to the series review :D

KarlaSugar said...

Ack! You *need* Fever from Beaute Cosmetics to include in your review. Need!

LyNn said...

ooo. now im clearer with lip stains.
sounds interesting.
really wanna try them.
but often feel to scared cause the colour is so red :O

kahani said...

Connie: Thanks for the support! =)

KarlaSugar: you have no idea how much I'd love to - but Beaute Cosmetics are not available in M'sia so I have to live vicariously through the Muse's review.

Lynn: I hope my reviews will reassure you. Otherwise there's always Posietint Benefit's Pink lipstain. =)