May 14, 2009

DIY Beauty: My Guilt Free Chocolate Fix

Kahani refuses to post the cockroach facial video I sent her so I am forced to settle for something a little more mundane. *sigh*

We all like chocolate, yes? Milk, white, dark… I am partial to dark chocolate myself. A bit of chocolate keeps me happy and since cocoa contains anti-oxidants, it alleviates the guilt a leeetle bit. However, eating too much of it does make my tummy feel a little sick and unhealthy. So when I found a DIY recipe for a chocolate face mask, I jumped for joy. A guilt free chocolate fix!

And there is something terribly indulgent in the idea of slathering chocolate all over one's self.

I have been using this mask for the past few months. It works a treat during summer, leaving my skin is dewy all day, but not so well during winter as the dry and cold air is zapping moisture out of me. This is definitely a HG summer mask for me.

I decided to post this recipe in the form of a collage. It makes uploading so much easier and you can just copy the image to your desktop for easy reference. Here goes:

You can substitute the milk with yogurt instead. It's easier to mix with the cocoa powder and the lactic acid in the yogurt leaves my skin feeling softer compared to using milk.

Tip: One of the things I do while using a DIY mask is to cover my face with cling wrap. After I poke eye and breathing holes in it first, of course. Dying for the cause of beauty is not the way I want to go.

Using cling wrap means that the mask doesn't dry up, it sinks in better and I can shower with a face mask on. I get added oomph as the heat from the hot water and the cling wrap creates a sauna like effect which means I step out of the shower with baby soft skin. And I don't have to wait out the full 15 minutes before washing the mask off.

Do not let your neighbours, family members or significant other see you wearing cling wrap though. My sister once screamed the place down and told me to sleep with garlic and a crucifix in case Chucky came to claim me for a bride.


LyNn said...

haha the chucky part is so funny.
yummy DIY
btw. cockroach facial?
i agree with kahani
i'll freak with nightmares! :P

Shuu said...

cockroach facial? o0 sounds interesting.. lol
I can't stop laughing from reading the last part xD
Gonna try out this mask :D

AskMeWhats said...

Thanks for making my Chinese eyes HUGE after seeing this post!!! that is the weirdest photo I've seen! But I'll definitely say SUPER NO or HELLO NO for cockroach facial!!! eeeeww over my dead...dead body! LOL

prettybeautiful said...

hmmm do u apply the mask lying down or standing up? one thing i dont like DIY mask is i mess EVERYTHING up. using a cling wrap is a good idea. thanks for the recipe. :D

Eli said...

Lynn: It does sound yummy, doesn't it? Doesn't taste yummy though because of the bitter cocoa powder.

Shuu: If you are curious, Google up "korean + cockroach + facial". The youtube video will appear.

Nikki: LOL at huge Chinese eyes comment. You have Kahani to thank for the pic (it's so cool, I wanna know where she found it) as I forgot to upload one. *blush* Bad Eli.

prettybeautiful: I apply it standing up and over the sink (ooh, that sounds a bit dirty ;P). I always thicken my DIY masks with four or milk powder (Korean tip) so it doesn't slide off. Using a paintbrush definitely helps to cut down on the messiness while the cling wrap keeps the mask from sliding off and dripping over my clothes.

Eli said...

prettyb: whoops. I meant *flour

Jenn said...

You're too funny Eli!! :D Chocolate mask sounds so yum!! I'd be tempted to lick them off my mouth area!! lol!! :D

But cockroach facial!! Doesn't sound appealing to me at all... @.@

Connie De Alwis said...

you're really too funny! I bought cocoa powder ages ago for a mask but never really found a recipe that caught my eye and now I have! Thanks! and the cling wrap bit was very clever. I try not to be seen with my mask on! I once had a white mask on and my housemate had a good laugh to distract him from his revision

and the pic was hilarious!

Kahani said...

About the Pic, believe it or not, all I did was enter "chocolate fix" into google image search. YAY google!

It is a super cute piece Eli - especially since I know both you and your Sis. Hehehe I can just hear her say that.

Now to go buy chocolate powder!

Eli said...

Jenn: Ahh... But cocoa powder is NOT yummy. Found that out the hard way when I was four and sneaked a lick when Mum made chocolate cake.

Connie: Hope you like the mask then. But how do you hide out from your housemates then?

Kahani: Thanks, honey. I should do a "weird beauty comments" post one day. Guess who would be the biggest contributor? =P

Kahani said...

Your "SAVE THE CUTE FURRY CRITTERS" campaigning sis (who thought you had to kill bees to get their honey)?

LyNn said...

the picture really scares me thou
wondering one day will i be so addicted to choc till that extend :P
btw here's something for you :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

The moment I saw the first picture I was like, 'Err that's too obsessed!'

Anyways I did a video on chocolate mask because it's filled with anti-oxidant. Check it out, its

Eli said...

Kahani: Who else?

Lynn: Ooh. Thanks for that!

Traclyn: Thanks for the link to the video! Didn't know that you had made one, hehe. Green tea has anti-oxidants too but I haven't got around to buying a pack of unsweetened green tea powder.

Petra said...

Hey Liz crackpot sis here. Glad Chucky hasn't found you yet. Mind sending me the cockroach video anyway? And how is it relevant to this post?

Am starting to wonder whether it will be safe living with you in Sydney...

ps: must remember to pack rotorua mud mask today. if i slap it on while high on anaesthesia - expect an sms :D

Petra said...

Ok, this is off the beautyeditor site:

(on Origins):

Did you know that Origins only uses cruelty-free honey and beeswax? Me neither. And do you know what that means? Neither - until now. The company has pledged to only work with honey farmers who sign affidavits declaring that they do not gas their bees in the winter (the unproductive months), which is apparently a common practice in honey farming.